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How often, on average would you say you file a report? Do you have an account on Zendesk? All previous tickets should be listed there.

Not in weeks, think it was my 5th “man we been so busy” reply from zendesk, I gave up.

Funcom has made it clear; to me, they wont even check a server unless they have a pile of reports.

Okay, but do you have an account on Zendesk? I understand the claim that you made. Help me to help you figure out why that might be happening.

I’ve never understood why people insist on offering help that isn’t asked for.

Yes, I have an account with zenedesk. I know how to file a report, I give them all the critical information and screen caps and “we hope this issue solved it’s self”. It doesn’t matter how I file a report. If the server doesn’t have multiple reports they wont even check.

Do you want results or not, Deacon? If you do not turn down the defensive dial, I can’t help you get anywhere. Otherwise, we are right back in your repetitive rotation of coming here to complain and yet you’re not receptive to someone trying to see why your single reports are being ignored.


I do know you are honestly trying to help but you do get you are inferring me doing it wrong as the only explanation as to why my reports are not getting investigated.

It could be the system is flawed "we try to collect as many reports as possible from the specified server ". As I have said quite a few times, my single report simply doesn’t carry any weight.

Alright man, best of luck to you is all I can say at this point.

Now hold on.

Seriously I have never understood this need that some people have to help some one that doesn’t need it and not asked for it. I see it all the time and find it dumbfounding.

So I have an issue with zendesk not investigating TOS reports. And the first assumption is I’m doing something wrong, so must need to have the proper procedure explained to me. When the issue is not on my end.

And when I show the issue is on the other end that is the response I get :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Let that marinate.

Best of luck, take care.

hahahaha so true

Got a better perspective. Back up in the area hunting for a new bearer.

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