The rules seem to be dead

From the looks of it Funcom has completely resigned to some rules about PVE servers, maybe all of them.
For over a week now we have been dealing with a situation where another clan has walled up our teleport , which has always been considered a clear violation of the rules.
The clan in question ignores us and support wrote after reporting it that they have taken note and may or may not take action.
Well, they didn’t.

So, dear trolls, feel free to harass other players - nothing will happen to you.

older screen , a few more buildings added in the meantime


This is an automated response. They take a bit to actually follow up. Keep following up every week or so. They’ll respond eventually, assuming it doesn’t get fixed on its own. They do tend to react, just not always in a timely fashion.

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The game needs active admin, and gportal servers are crap. You’re better off going to a private server; if you can find one with out stacks of mods.


No way , out of my 3000 hours I have 99% of my time with one character on the same server.
This is annoying but it’s still just a nuisance - especially compared to how Funcom itself tries to frustrate me into playing with a bug fest and banning me for giving them money for which they still haven’t even apologized by the way.
Private servers don’t have a very good reputation from what I’ve heard.


Better then funcoms. At least the have active admin. funcom’s servers are pretty much lawless. Especially PVE servers.

I’ve got 6500+ hours in, Have started over a few dozen times, been on multiple public and private servers, been playing since the game dropped. My hunting lodge just decayed for 0 reason, lost everything I had looted raiding the Stygian base, don’t care. Have went on more then one hiatus where I lost it all. Hell the server/character I’ve been playing has been on that server since 2.0 just not played continuously.

Now I have a question for you, how many bases to you have? How big are they? How many vaults do you have? How many chest of legendary weapons? What will you do the next funcom oops that wipes out half your hoard? What are you going to do when funcom shuts down the servers and wipes them to implement the new hard coded land claim cubes?

As far as private servers my experience has been they are stacked with mods so you spend more time waiting on mods to update then play. or you’ve been playing along for a couple months go to log in and…

Best I can say is find one with a high rating and low mod count, that has been up for a while.

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I would echo the private server thing if you can bear that it’s not going to be permanent. Some mods add a tremendous amount of replayability and/functionality.

Depends on two things:

  • quality of the hardware, which can hardly be worse than G-Portal
  • who owns the server.

The latter, of course, decides the rules of the server. If it’s a fair and just person, the server will have a healthy community and a long lifespan. If it’s a power-tripping jerk who uses admin powers to cheat or favor his own friends, then it’ll be a short-lived crash-and-burn experience.

The server owner can be you if you want. That way, you decide who gets to play there, and by what rules. Then it’ll be up to you what sort of reputation the server gets.

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You got to be patient. As jmk said, that is the automatic response. From my experience with reporting and the various server types, PVP servers get a higher level of attention but a lower level of enforcement (meaning they will jump in fast to investigate but their investigation is more lenient than the others). PVE is the exact opposite. Higher response time but near draconian enforcement.

And as always, remember that when you call down the “gods”, their retribution may not be limited to just your wishes so ensure your house is in order before sending out the ticket.

our clan ?
one base , 4 small teleports , one (public) maproom in volcano , when we were fighting the purges one small external base but that is now dismantled when it won’t be needed for at least a few months
less than 9000 building pieces in total

vaults ? zero - too big for zero value
legendaries ? One chest for each type - swords , axes , bows/throwing weapons , daggers/claws , spears , maces and tools and neither is completely full , the same applies to armour

just because someone has been playing for a long time doesn’t mean they have to have tons of stuff piled up - we tend to keep a reasonable amount and when something is missing we fill it in, having piles of everything is not our style

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I can’t emphasize this enough.

Some people I know on my server reported a couple nearby clans encroaching on their base a bit too closely. The result was not only the wipe and suspension of the reported clans, but his clan as well. :expressionless:

Good, cheaters should be punished, but snitches get stitches too. GG Funcom.

There was a thread about this not long ago. They have hundreds of servers and just one dude or few people to look after them. How many servers can one visit during 8 hours long work day?

The teleporters made multiple base refreshing easier.

Bad news travels farther and faster then good news. Private servers are great. You might find “some” bad eggs but most just want to play the game on better equipment.


And most have mods stacked on them so deep you’ll never notice the difference. My experience with private servers is waiting for mods to update rather then playing.

Yeah i didnt get reported- mine got wiped out pre purge change. Wasnt even a base - just a house. All that was left was a dancer.

If you wall someone in- your gone.Thats a valid reason.

People reported because someone put a base too close? Thats not a valid reason. I mock those who do.

The players dont own anything on the servers- it ALL belongs to funcom.

Yeah, I don’t know… I wouldn’t have worried about it. However, one of them did have a bridge spanning one side of the lake by the dam to the other. So… valid I suppose.

I dont worry about such things anymore since it doesnt matter how big the builds are. I got a NASA computer.

Deliberately blocking someone in though - that happened to me the first time i played on officials 5 years ago. Thats when i decided to learn everything about the game and then came back 3 years ago.

To date ive only reported 3 clans in 3 years ,all for blocking WB locations.

I dont even do that anymore since getting the keys is a non issue.

Just because you invested 99% of your gameplay in one server then take this friendly advice.

“Report” is a weapon, but it’s boomerang.

Many in here can confirm this. I didn’t had this experience because i never report.
If someone blocked my teleport, i would fast travel to it, remove it and remove bracelet.
It’s a teleport point, give them the space they want, no big deal. After all, if you have all these hours in this server, one day they’ll decay and the spot would be free again.

Make friendships not war, it’s a public server, nothing personal.


I’m the same way. Unless it encroaches on my base, I get antsy. Outposts of various types are not a concern for me and will retreat my claim if someone is building a base there.


Who wouldn’t, it’s clearly disrespectful. Yet not always! I remember once in Siptah someone builded right next to me a little cabin, pve server.
At the beginning i was a bit annoyed, but from the way he builded and his thrall i understood he was a new player. So i started placing signs, welcoming him as a neighbor and since back then cauldrons were visible and loot able from everyone in pve servers (compliments to @Ragnaguard, i didn’t knew it), i started placing berserkers and legendaries for him to have more decent thralls. I even gave him black and white horse, how beautiful it was that we could share these things back then. Yet the place was small, and he needed to grow. So it was this moment he understood his mistake, especially when he accepted purge and witness that his purge was hitting my building. It made him really sad that you couldn’t be a good neighbor in this game. So he sends messages apologizing on psn, but i was laughing, because i knew what to expect. The next day i asked him a favor to log in on Saturday as early as he could, he was American and it was impossible to meet on same hours, we communicate only from messages. So he logged in on Saturday at launch time but fir me it was passed midnight, and i deliver him my belongings by entering and exiting his clan.
He couldn’t understand why, but after a week i send him photo from my new base that had everything and more than i gave to him.
Especially you @erjoh that you played pvp, you understand, the mountain some people see in this game, for others is just downhill.

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