Conan Exiles Community Guidelines

The internet is a big place and there are many places and ways for everyone to interact. These forums however, are our home. Our goal is to have this Forum, and Community, be a welcoming, engaging, creative and interesting place to be.

The team here at Funcom responsible for Conan Exiles shares your passion for the game, and we know that with this passion, and the work and commitment many of you put into the game, conversations can get heated. That is the reason we have these guidelines, to ensure community members can feel safe and welcome, every time you pass over our digital threshold.

In order to maintain the boards and be able to provide feedback, we must reserve the right to enforce certain standards and rules. By using these forums you agree to follow these guidelines in order to maintain a healthy community.

Thank you for reading!


The golden rule is that this should be a positive place for discussion.

RESPECT: (Treat others as you would like to be treated.)
We welcome open discussion and divergent viewpoints. We simply ask that you keep your contributions level-headed and without vitriol. If you need to get heated about something, get heated about an idea , not a person. If someone insults another or makes an offensive statement about a group of people, do not respond in kind; just report the post.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Bullying and Personal Insults
    Picking on, or pointing out, others’ flaws is not constructive
    “■■■■ you”
    “You’re an idiot/moron/[insert directed insult here]”
    “You obviously don’t speak english/lack reading comprehension/[insert personal attack here]”

Developer Bashing

Let’s be honest, we are human beings, we are not perfect but we care about the game and we work hard to improve on all aspects. Insults are not tolerated and will get cleaned up. Constructive feedback is always welcome and is very important for us to work on the game in co-operation with our community.


  • Insult: “The thrall system sucks. Fix your â– â– â– â–  or fire your programmers.”
  • Constructive Feedback: I really don’t like how thralls react to enemies. I would love for the system to work as follows [enter idea]
  • Non constructive feedback/insult: “Nothing works. Your game sucks!”
  • Constructive Feedback: I can’t place an explosive jar when I do xy. [check our guidelines on how to report a bug]


Your posts should include content relevant to the gameplay, story, and world of Conan Exiles as well be relevant to the category it is posted in. Feel free to speak about lore, characters, and features.

Topics and replies with vague or no context, or lacking information, will be removed because there is nothing to discuss. This includes bumping a thread for the sake of bumping it, especially if a topic has gone quiet. There’s a reason it went quiet.

Post made with the sole purpose of upsetting or angering other users are not allowed. All posts have to be made in the spirit of mutual respect.

Examples of posts that break the Content Rule include, but are not limited to:

  • Rage/Rant Posts
  • Naming and Shaming
  • “I quit” posts
  • Misleading topic titles
  • Spam

Additionally, please do not post any content on the forums containing the following:

  • Inappropriate or offensive content, warez or leaked content or anything else not safe for work
  • Cracks
  • Key generators
  • Console emulators
  • Cheating, hacking, game exploits
  • Threats of violence or harassment, even as a joke
  • Soliciting, begging, auctioning, raffling, selling, advertising, referrals
  • Racism, discrimination
  • Abusive language, including swearing
  • Illicit drugs
  • Religious, political, and other “prone to huge arguments” threads

We will delete/edit it, and there will be consequences as per our warnings


Trolling is posting to provoke others, luring them to flame or rant. Trolling is sometimes done involuntarily, so please be considerate when posting. Trolls hinder discussion and reflect poorly on this community as a whole; don’t feed them. “Trolling" means that the user misleads or antagonizes others or acts overtly contrarian.

Examples include, but are not limited to, baiting comments; comments intended to get a rise out another user, harassing users through private messages.


Posting of Illegal material, personal information (i.e. “doxxing”), spam threads, and malicious links are prohibited.

Don’t harass anyone, threaten anybody with real-life violence or other actions, encourage sexual misconduct, nor organize a brigade on users or communities.

Personal attacks on race, orientation, and other personal beliefs will not be tolerated and will be taken action against at the discretion of the moderators.

All such posts will be removed and will result in an infraction.


Do not describe how an exploit works or can be abused. NEVER explain how to perform an exploit publicly.

An exploit is a bug that grants a user an unnatural or an unintended benefit in the game for a character. Meaning, it’s a bug or design error that makes it possible for characters to fight monsters, solve quests, earn money, get items, etc. that normally should be out of that character’s reach or not possible in the first place. Basically, exploiting can be described as cheating.

Exploits and an explanation on how to reproduce the issue should be sent directly to staff or moderators.

There is a mentality that suggests publicly exposing exploits somehow results in getting it fixed faster. Not only is this false, but you are actively causing harm to the game and community by making what could have been a relatively small issue into a problem for everyone.

Posts doing so will be removed on sight and the poster may have action taken against them both on the forum and in-game (where applicable).


An accusation against another person’s or organization’s integrity, business practices, etc. is only allowed if the accuser has sufficient evidence. This is to prevent doomsaying, panic, and misinformation.

Any submission or comment that lacks sufficient accusation evidence will be locked or removed with zero tolerance.

Do not engage in “vigilante justice” nor encourage members of the community to do the same. Please do not “name and shame” other users; DM staff if you have an issue with another user or player in the community.


  • “Don’t play on this server, the owners are corrupt and stole my money”
  • “This guy scammed me, don’t trade with him”
  • “Let’s make a list of scammers”
  • “Funcom is selling hacks to Russians”


There is zero tolerance for inappropriate, aggressive, or hostile complaints posted on the Forums. If you have a complaint about how your behavior on the forums has been moderated, send the Moderator or Staff Member a private message. They will do what they can to sort out any issues.


Failure to follow our guidelines can result in an infraction being issued and forum account restrictions if necessary.

The first time we feel that you didn’t adhere to one of our readily available guidelines and you might not have known better, we will let you know and no action will be taken.

Infraction and warnings work as follows but we reserve the right to apply infractions according to severity of the issue:

  • First time offense: Warning
  • Second offense: 1 day Ban
  • Third time offense: 3 day ban
  • Fourth time offense: 1 week ban
  • Fifth time offense: Permanent Ban