1931 Down Again Due to DDOS Attack

It is not acceptable to just give excuses and do nothing.

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That would help a bunch to hear what it is they are doing . This radio silence is annoying at best as we are see tons of posts from multiple servers.

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You are funny, complete this form 10 to 20 times and nothing is done.


well , nothing better to do, than complaint in that form, if many people complaint i am sure they will put their eyes on it.

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well but it’s only a reboot; it means we are doing progress, and that better than to see a server not accepting any connection for 72h as we saw it on 1932.

and may the reboot is a protection against ddos

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Is this company really working? Why should I pay to look at the loading screen?
Listen to what people are saying! And give me an answer, that’s what I want.
It’s an uncomfortable reality that many people are going through right now that a malicious DDOS attack destroys their servers.

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Does the pc master race regularly have these problems, duping and meshing etc? From snow I seem to not really come across many of the forum stated problems

went down again… lol

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Yeah I’ve seen this vermin before on other servers. Complete cheater from the top down. Meshing, switching, ddosing when they lose or raid or just pvping. Duping . Wouldn’t be surprised if they were using third party cracking software also to cheat as they are and do crash servers when they are on.

The guy(s) is a classic scummer and need prosecuted. They have already had account banned by steam and are currently rolling alts. Their game key needs deleted.

We are yet down for the 4th time today. Another DDOS attack. Funcom get us a server admin please. Stop this stuff.

and this time no reboot, connection lost, impossible to reconnect, 1931 & 1932 at same moment, and probably 1930.

Just log on to refresh your stuff. Play something else in the meantime.

This game has a propensity of growing stale enough for obnoxious people to lose interest quickly, when there is nobody else to “contend” with or witness them.

Funcom isn’t gonna do anything. All you can do is wait it out.

Like a tardegrade who goes into hybernation until conditions are better. It’s the only viable strategy under such conditions.

There is no shame in this, because this is wisdom’s way of solving a problem.

You are not “letting them win.” You are just “letting them immature themselves out”.

Take this as an opportunity to try other good things in life, like Subnautica, SCUM, self-hosted DayZ, self-hosted Rust, and god knows what else.

Life is too short to be tricked into being everyone’s frakk puppet. Be wiser than this.

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Or simply join a private server. :slightly_smiling_face:

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have time to create a new game and do not have time to manage the server?

Good morning the server where game is also in the same 3147, if they do not respond do not think that we should boycott the game? do not buy more dlcs until they resolve to have a little respect for the people who give you money to earn


When you chose a no ping server, you should have went in with eyes wide open. This is exactly why they chose to add a ping limit to servers. Before ping limits, it was the wild, wild west. most PVP servers experienced EXACTLY what you are going thru now. As the old Templar said, “You have chosen…unwisely.”

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Hey there,

Please note it’s weekend. Almost noone from Funcom or Gportal is currently in the office. Once the weekend is over the issue will be looked into asap.

For Server Issues please use this Form. (Source) If you found an Exploit please use this Form. (Source) If you have Problems with Griefing and Herrasment here you found the latest Information from Funcom.

If you need more assistance please use the E-mail Ticket System
Or DM one of the Community Team