So....we not going to talk about the DDoS attacks and what Funcom is not doing to prevent?

I can’t play any of the top 10 servers, official or private because of DDoS attacks, and it seems every server I join to get away from it, it keeps happening. Why isn’t there a thread on this?

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It’s an ingame bug that causes the lagg. Funcom knows about it.

Seriously this is ridiculous. I just bought this game a few weeks ago and played on official for about a week before undermeshers and DDOS forced me to migrate to private servers, and the DDOS is just following me because they’re targeting popular servers regardless of official/private. At least in private servers undermeshers are dealt with swiftly and don’t ruin the gameplay experience.

It seems as though Funcom has been aware of the DDOS issue for a while and say they have a fix coming… but when? They’re going to lose the entire playerbase by the time they fix things, which seems ridiculous since they just launched a new map and there must be a decent number of new players having a similar experience to me.

Actually, it is the job of the server provider to deal with the DDOS but this is another story.

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Not when it’s an application vulnerability that affects official and private servers alike. It’s Funcom’s job to maintain client integrity and they’re failing.


Not when the DOS (yes only DOS) is an ingame denial of service through a bug

EDIT: I just read @sp0radic 's post


Here’s a little more info about the issue from the admin that runs the most recent private server I’ve been playing on.

-More than just us is getting hit with these DDoS types of attacks. So, it isn’t likely to be that clan you don’t like. Please stop accusing them.
-Other servers that aren’t getting hit right now, have likely been hit. We’ve been in talks with upwards of 50 private servers getting hit. So no, it isn’t likely another private server hitting us.
-Yes, we have DDoS protection, but as this is an application vulnerability that funcom already knows about, it’s not helping us protect the server. So no, the suggestion that we get better protection from DDoS is not likely to make a difference.
-No, we can’t tell who it is, or if they’re in game, because they don’t need to log in to the game to attack the server. This means whitelisting, or banning doesn’t have any effect on the attack or those performing the attack.
-No, we can’t release IPs, as it’s a DISTRIBUTED attack, which likely means it’s a bot-net doing the attacking. The single IP we could give out will make no difference. The entire list of IPs would likely make no difference.
-No, we can’t hide the IP of the server, as that will not allow it to be joinable from the funcom launcher. And even if we did, when we previously changed it to a private IP, it was attacked within 10 minutes of the change. Again, they don’t need to be logged in to attack it.

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I know what server you are talking about. Unforunately they feed you a lot of BS. This isn’t a DDOS attack, it’s an application bug in the netdriver. It’s not a coordinated attack, lot’s of private hosts aren’t “giving up” on conan and moving on. The admin there is feeding everyone a lot of nonsense. Funcom is aware of the bug and working on it from what I have read.


Maybe you’re right, I can’t refute what I don’t know.

What I do know is that many official servers are suffering the same thing. Are you telling me they’re not related?

I’m telling you it’s a problem with the code, it’s not a ddos attack. Once they fix it then it will be resolved. The reason even officials are dealing with it is because it IS a problem with the netcode. If it was a targeted DDOS attack do you really think they would attack small 5 - 10 people servers as well? It’s widespread because it’s a problem with the game itself.

That’s exactly what I said and the reason I’m posting here.

Hey there,

This issue has been fixed in our current Testlive build, which is available for testing right now.

Unfortunately I think something happened, because I’m still getting these issues on all the servers I’m playing on. D:

The problem is indeed not fixed. The same thing is happening where servers are getting their ping hit up to 9999 every 20 minutes this game is currently not playable.

you aren’t assuming that every run of the mill disconnect is a DDOS attack are you?
A lot can cause this. it’s conan baby

ah i was just told this is a form of a ddos attack and funcom is trying to keep a lid on it.
Thats why pings are 9999

Ni tampoco de undermesh

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