All Offical server Ddos atac

Offical server 1203

problem of ddos: this happens constantly in official servers and there is no step taken from funcom to stop it. they use it to dupe items and do ghost raids ( raiding people while their building is not loaded, they steal from workstations ). when players enter the server there is a maximum ping limit but after they enter there is not a limit like that so they use third party softwares to lower their own ping and cause the server to jump to 1020 ping. the solution is simple: when someones internet speed drops down dramatically they should be kicked out of the server. This way the people who want to use this tactic will stop doing it.

It is happening universally over many servers and has been happening for several months on some grouping of servers so I have a feeling that this is something on their end and not ddos attacks. Has anyone at Funcom suggested the issue with all these servers is someone ddosing?

well, the problem of servers happens in everyone, I am in one and I am a little tired of the lag and the falls of the server

They said they “fixed it” on the small patch that they added after the Dlc. Something about injecting stuff on game. But anw the usuall Conan

Worst gaming company ever!!!

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