Server 1020 ping raid time

What the hell is happening with server, now on every hardcore PvP server, they all start to become laggy without any hug stacking structure or thing like that, serv just go to 1020 ping and noone can play till server restart or raid time stop, please funcom, make this game great again :slight_smile:


Funcom its time to get off your 2 month holiday and fix your f ing game


Will funcom reply to this a day ? :slight_smile:

Your server is being ddos’d when the ping spikes to 1020.

I am on PVE-C official server 3828.

I have recently been noticing some lag spikes during the PvP times as well.

To report players or exploits, DM either me or @Hugo.
Situations like the one described do seem to fall into that category so don’t hesitate to contact us that way.
We would like also to remind what our community guidelines are:


Yes but if we don’t know who is doing it, how are we supposed to report him ?

@Ignasis this is the same problem that has been reported over several server , i thiunk three is a problem with some servers, as it is increasinglky becoming more and more laggy regardless of how many players are online…

i have reported this SEVERAL times, it is also reported by others in the last 2-3 weeks, i even sent you personal message regarding it, and not a single response regarding the issues as of yet.


@Ignasis should i create a new thread, linking all the threads and responses made to this very same problem? NOONE here has reported players… (server becomes unplayable)

you DO have access to logs over official servers… why dont you just grab it and take a look? or call Gportal to check what is going on? that would be a great starting point dont you think?

thank you.

AND YES, i BET THIS MESSAGE WILL ALSO BE IGNORED BY FUNCOM as usual (as it is their common practice this days)


I have the same problem. I haven’t been managed for many days

Look at this funcom, we dont even need a tier softare to make the game go to 1020 ping or to ddos, we can simply do it in game, and you still think no problem came from the game ?

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Maybe there’s something wrong with the game. As long as the staff deal with it actively, I don’t think it’s much. If we don’t pay attention, the problem will be huge.

The problem is already big since most of the server i play reach 1020 ping :smiley:

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