I was moving stuff around my base when DDoS struck, i lost many stuff that equal to many hours of game. Also lost the will to keep playing, thanks again Funcom

It’s been more than a month since the server 1977 get lagged constanly making it unplayable.
I’ve spent hours farming, breaking thralls, and on top of it i lost many flawless armors i won’t be able to get never again because i lost it in the time there was a DDoS and there wasnt much i could do but to watch myself die of hunger and witness everything dissapear in the logs. This is very frustrating, i just want to play the game i bought yet all i get is a lot of frustration. Its really very infuriating and makes me want to break something, and its just not healthy that your services makes me waste the precious time i give to enjoy playing a game. I dont understand how can you do this to people. Will you ever address this? its there a way i can get all the hours i lost, and the now unique items i dont have anymore?
And i cant link nor upload images so sorry i cant give you the details.

Ddos happin on lots of games not lots of way to help u there
No admin on offical so u cant get it back sorry would help u there if i could

@Ignasis can help on report

Ps dev team off on weekends so no offical to get till monday

I know nothing will get done. This game is dead, i really enjoyed though so i wanted to play with my girlfriend but they totally ruined the experience. I know a lot of games get DDoS but few let it slide like a corrupt cop to a drugdealer. I just want to document the apathy of the company in a way that i dont get banned.

Like im not stupid people DDoS PvP servers all the time, and its obviusly the clan that’s being attacked, yet i still have to see a ban happen or at least the knowledge that they know its happening, yet none of it will come.

Its very easy to see who the attacker in this instance is… yet we all suffer the consequences.

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