And yet another ddos .04-08-2020

from what i understood it started one hour after PVP started. so I’m guessing that someone got his feelings hurt because the event ended or because an exploiter// hacker or undermesher got caught with his hands in his pants.

Serious question: Why are you still playing PvP ?

@WanderingJarlPuncher if there is a video available of the attack, please DM it to Funcom.

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im in pve-c

04-09-202010 past 1 am east

I wouldn’t be so quick to call this DDOS. All the servers have been running very poorly throughout the day with the world being in mostly lock down from the coronavirus. The Internet is under extreme strain from all those people staying at home streaming movies and babysitting their kids with Netflix. The official servers are having an especially hard time because there is so much junk everywhere that people build. You’re welcome to come join me on my darksun PVP server. There is no building damage and I am looking for people to come kill me on a daily basis. Fair Warning the server is set on hard mode and you might not survive. The purge has every intent on reclaiming the land.

and they still do 48 hours later.
extreme strain? where? i havent noticed a single issue on my end im 450/50 around the clock and im not lagging anywhere exept in conan exile

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