Right now on official server 1332

Server got ddosed 90minutes before raid time started. 20 Minutes after raid time started server came back up. Instantly 10 people are online. As soon as I login I hear bombs going off at my coutyard.

Gear up jump out. Jump down and start fighting them while my clan is logging in and also gearing up. Kill 2 of them. Run toward the area they’re bombing. Kill the guy with the dragon powder. Throw it in a vault.

Skip 2hours later. They still haven’t gotten through the coutyard killbox. Server once again gets ddosed. This is the 4th day in a row the same group of people have tried to raid my base. 4th day in a row the server gets ddosed while they can’t get through the courtyard.

This clan lives in the mesh, uses speed hacks, and ddoses the server religiously.

This game is pretty much dead to me. No privates in my own timezone (AU), NA privates for pvp suck simply because the admins are either A) abusing power or B) They have zero knowledge of the game and ban over the stupidest stuff ever. Can’t play NA officials because of the 140 ping cap and well the most popular NA officials seem to have the same issue as well. Asians flooding the server with speed hacks and ddosing.

Then that leaves the RP servers. I’d probably play a conquest server like Wars of Elysium if one ever popped up but it’d most likely be flooded with mods and honestly I prefer conan exiles without mods. The regular RP servers just don’t interest me because well RP and mods.

I have 4500 hours in this game and most of the people I play with have the same amount and it just feels like such a wasted amount of time when I’d love to keep playing but right now there’s not much point. Maybe when the new map comes some decent privates might pop up again but since all the effort is on thrall AI which for pvp standpoint is absolutely broken. Can’t wait to have people riding a horse and have a thrall following them in pvp.

gg conan exiles.

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