DDOSing on popular PC PvP servers is a huge problem

I don’t know if this is a game wide issue at the moment because of the player numbers, but the game this week has been literally unplayable on unofficial and official servers, one server I play on recieved an average of 8 DDOS a day!
When you factor in the time it takes for admins warn people about it, contact the owner, reset the server, that doesn’t actually leave a lot of time per day for the game to be playable.
I don’t know if the DDOS is intentional or not.

I don’t play official but I’ve heard it’s the same issue on the popular ones.
For context, you know you’re in a DDOS when you can’t open doors, access chests and you teleport around.

We experience the same on a private server (Empire CORE PvP).

3 hour raid time and 3 times DDOS for 15 - 30 minutes, often leads to players getting kicked by BattleEye or complete server shutdowns.

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Yeah, thats a sad but common practice to empty a server for a raiding party. Maybe the query port should be opened only to a non public triggering port.


Yeah, I don’t know anything about how this works but I do wonder if Funcom could lock access requests to just people in the game?

In short terms: You can’t. You can compare the Internet to the post system.

If someone sends a letter to your address, it will get delivered. If someone decides to send you hundreds of letters per day (DDOS), you will get them all. In this case you could ask your local post office to stop sending letters from this special person to you. (this would be the equivalent of a DDOS protection system).

But here comes the big but:

People can send letters without sender information or false/random sender information. Good luck telling your post office to block all these random senders from sending letters to you.

And what happens if you let block a sender address, that is actually from your mom? This would be the case that an IP gets blocked from a legit player.

It’s not that easy to find a solution.


Weeeell… relatively spoken. There is a frame of traffic expected under normal operation. All you have to do is issue timeouts when these frames are grossly exceeded. And if its a hundred of accounts grossly exceeding the frame you auto timeout a hundred of them. Your mom won’t do this. This is, however, a bit challenging to implement.

Server providers usually handle the DDOS protections. That’s G-Portal for Officials and all PS4/5 and Xbox servers, and some PC privates. And can be different for other PC privates.

There’s not much Funcom can do here since a DDOS attacks the server node your servers are hosted on. Every game hosted on those machines will be indiscriminately affected.

The best thing to do is to send any evidence you have of someone doing this, or threatening to do this, to your jurisdiction’s authorities. DDOS carries hefty legal and criminal penalties, including mere threats. This includes offhand remarks in a server’s chat, on a discord channel, or a DM somewhere.

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