Official Server #1313 DDOS attack

This Server is constant ddos by one or more players using ficticious username accounts on this server at this moment. I would like to report this to whomever is responsabile for the administration and supervision of this server as its causing malcontent and turning out to be a playground for ill intentioned users.
the suspicious users all use the same name and awekward use steam IDs.

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No, Negan is not doing it, an admin should check all of Could 9 structures cause they have the structure that lags the server. BTW they have the undermesh base that makes the crystal cave not spawn, C9 is the problem and Negans are there to clean the server of them.

But don’t worry next patch is gonig to fix that and C9 won’t be able to lag the server with the structure, they’ll still ahve that undermesh base we found (and who knows how many more).

I don’t care much for justice warriors that claim to be the problem solvers. I hope with this post to get the attention of the owners and supervisors to make sure that this problem is solved and actions to be taken against those that are misusing the server by ddossing or under the map building.

In the case of your claim of undermesh build I don’t understand why you didn’t report this before my post. Anyway if that is to be true, I Invite you provide evidence to further outline the issue to the supervisors and administrators.

Because Funcom usually does not do anything. Only in extrem cases (like walled off spawn).

Let players solve your problem as Epar described.

Can you post video/pics of undermesh base? Crystal cave don’t spawns cuz we build above it with walls and that prevents to spawn was like that even when Xcode used to have that base. And was really weird wile I was chasing Negan clan ping went to 1020 cound’t even move I stoped chasing and server went back to is normal status.
And even so leeking was streaming and all clan admiring they will dupe and use 4th attack (exploit) how funny is that.

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