Anti DDOS for PvP servers

Hey guys ive been playing on official no ping server 1932 and it has been getting ddosed alot recently. The last 4 days the server has been unplayable with 1020 ping for everyone. 5/03/2020-7/03/2020 and continuing. I dont know of many games that have DDOS issues as bad as yours does so if this is red by a dev or someone please figure something out.

ARK? DDOS everyday? maybe?

ark doesnt have servers getting ddosed for months at a time last time i checked mate, and yes 1932 at one point was ddosed for a month, i agree that it used to be bad on ark but not this bad.

Not just your server, most pvp servers that have 20+ players get dossed daily-

I don’t play any survival game in PvP mode anymore. Too many cheaters, and the Devs do not one single thing about it. They don’t seem to be able to find a way in any of these games, to detect the cloning of high value items, or resources. They don’t seem to be able to do anything about under-meshing. They don’t seem to be able to do anything about those who use location hacks…those hacks that let people see where everyone is, so it is easy for them to sneak up on you, or hide from you, because they know where you are, but you don’t know where they are.

I don’t see the point of playing PvP anymore as a result. I now prefer a good single player game, with a great, engaging story, that isn’t loaded with SJW Woke agendas. Even that is getting harder to find. I may just have to find a new hobby.

Sounds like you are a good candidate to help test the new anti-undermesh measures on testlive.

we are currently having the exact same issue on 1808. always seems to happen when a particular clan is put in a tight spot.

If they get this fixed, that will be very impressive, because so many Devs for other survival games seem to just act as if it’s a problem, or do like ARK and Atlas do, where they just make it impossible to build on rough terrain, because they don’t let foundations and walls collide with the terrain too much. In other words, too much of the structure can’t be under the terrain, which requires you to build on really flat terrain. Otherwise, you get to a spot where you need to finish off a foundation, or wall, and it won’t let you, so you end up with a hole, which is not acceptable in PvP, or PvE, for different reasons.

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