Sick of dying and losing all my stuff!

Hey everyone, OMG I just died and lost some critical equipment that took me forever to gather, as I was going to go harvest some star metal ore. I had gone and gathered a bunch of materials for the demon fire orbs, created them, then died. My body/grave was showing up on the map for about 15 minutes, but by the time I got there the marker had disappeared, and so, presumably, my body, too. Oh and I lost a legendary thrall. I am so SICK of this happening. I don’t think I’ll be playing this anymore. It’s a great game in some ways, SO addictive, but unbelievably frustrating in others. I assume I’m not alone in this?

So survival isnt your thing. Not a big deal, if you enjoy the game play single player or join a private server with loot kept on death enabled.

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I do play single player, all the time. Never PvP, and this still happens. I thought they didn’t have any more available private servers, or I’d have done it long ago, if it kept things like this from happening.

Oh well sht man, if you are in single player just go to settings -> server settings -> survival and uncheck drop inventory on death. Problem solved. \

As for private servers, I dont know if xbox is limited but any server that isnt flagged as official in the list is private. Some private servers have this option setup especially PVE servers.

this is for an old version of the game but just in case you need to see it:

same on pc/ps4/and xbox


OMG!! I’d always looked at those settings before, but it seemed like everything was grayed out and it wouldn’t let me select anything. But when I clicked on “allow admin rights” now I can. Holy crap! haha

Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:

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OMG thank you so much!! You have NO idea how awesome this is


This would be bad to stop after this happening.

Believe me, this happened to most of us ! :grinning:

But you said that you play singleplayer, so better than stop play a game, go to your settings, and uncheck the “lose stuff on dead” thingy. So if and when you die, you will respawn with all your stuff again.
In singleplayer you’re the boss of your own game, and you may have to adjust some settings in order to have pleasure while playing alone.
Game is meant at first for groups, and with friends, so lowering some settings, altering some others may help lot, and you will enjoy it more.

Also in singleplayer, it’s still possible to go back on a previous save, if really what happens suck to much, and would you make to stop.

Something else I will also add regarding the Admin rights Jman99 which may be of benefit. Once you have activated the Admin rights if you go to your map, you will se a new option there to ‘Admin Teleport’ using the Triangle button. This would help you get back to your body or stranded thralls faster. You can use this as an alternative fast travel function if you do not yet have the Map Room. I use it when I have little available play time, so that I can get more tasks done faster.


Wow, thanks for that info! Yah I was looking at all the options I could change in the game, but I hadn’t heard of that one yet. Very cool!

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