Official PVE Servers with Inventory Kept On Death

Can you please add PVE No Conflict Official servers with inventory kept on Death for all zones for those of us who like that feature? Some of us don’t find that fun to chase down our stuff after death . I only play games to have fun. I would really appreciate it very much.


Why are all official pve servers drop inventory on death? That is gamebreaking to me and not fun.

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Yes I completely agree I feel you should keep your equipped armor and any items that are in the hot wheel I can understand being able to loot the player corpse and take what’s in the inventory but not equipped armor or the hot wheel items whether you die or your body is looted those items should remain

To further add I feel that should be on PVP and PVE

Omg, there are a lot of complains here about the game being too easy…
Do you guys are really asking to make it even easier?

Oh well… so many different ppl and views… hehe… I guess thats life…
I was looking for on how to setup on my servers other die like, Second Die purge last body. (like Minecraft).

2 cents.

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This has nothing to do about being easy. It’s a matter of playing preference. I play games to have fun and to distress from my real life not to be stressed in game. If a game becomes stressful to me it gets kicked aside and I find another to play… I find it a royal pain in my ■■■ to run back to my body to retrieve my items. Not everyone has the preference to play chase their body and should have official servers to fit other play styles. Every single official server has inventory dropped on death… pfftt… They had servers with inventory kept on death in Early access, so why do they not have them now? As far as the game being easy… it’s a matter of opinion. I’m not asking for much.

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What’s the problem with picking up items from your body? Put a bedroll near before you attack a mob and you’ll never have to walk back to pick up your body again.

It’s a royal pain in my ■■■, that’s the problem. I’m also not going to fill up my inventory with bedrolls for everytime I fight. I have enough crap I have to carry just to repair my equipment and armor.

It’s a survival game bring only what is essential when you leave your base and leave important in a locker think survivability.

I like this idea. The suggestion isn’t that ALL servers have the no-drop function, just some of them. This gives players options. If you think it will be too easy, just play on a death-drop server. If you think death-drop detracts from fun, use those servers. It’s all a matter of preference and inconveniences no-one.


This is a survival game, not WoW.

No, please. Keep the game as hard as it is. Even better, make it harder.

Since the game has had bugs regarding player bodies disappearing since before launch, Funcom should of at least entertained this idea.

I really don’t see how players having more options for official servers to play on is a bad thing.
But at any rate this issue has been ignored for months and will continue to be ignored,

@DakotaWindwalker I think the only option you have is to find a private server with settings your looking for, or continue to deal with official servers settings.

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I respect where you’re coming from, but splitting the already dwindling player base across more server types will just fragment the population more. Other than that it’s not a “bad” thing, but there are other genres of games that give this type of experience. Survival doesn’t seem like the place for it.

You’re probably right, I’ve mostly been thinking of this as a sort of “damage control” to mediate the frustration alot of players have been expressing over not finding there bodies and all their gear.

But it is a survival game, once the bugs relating to this are fixed most of that frustration should be gone.

I agree with you here too, It seems like once I hit level 50 or so most of the challenge was gone, maybe it was earlier than that even. and at level 60 it’s not really feeling like a survival game to me anymore. I hope they add some endgame content. But right now it’s bug fixes and optimization at the top of my wish list.

Yes, thank you Fortyniners. I am not asking for all servers to have no drop, just same amount as the drop on death servers. Give players a choice of servers to play on.

You don’t say!!! what an intelligent response… pfft… Play your game the way you want to play it and leave me to play mine the way I want to play it. I don’t understand nor will I ever why some people get their panties in a twist when others ask for a feature when it doesn’t even affect you personally. pffttttt!!!

I have tried private server. They are unreliable. I have been on a few and lost my progress as they have disappeared. That is why I wished for an official server.

What’s the difference? If players find that a feature in a game is becoming too annoying they will just quit the game, so there is your dwindling player base again. No matter what you do, you will not keep players on a server if they find it is not a good fit for them.

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Absolutely correct.