PS4 official PvE server have questions

Are items auto locked to players not in your clan or do you need to lock them and how do you do that?

Are all PvE official servers items dropped on death?

If a clan has blocked of a area like a lake can anything be done about that? Official server PvE

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Im not sure what you mean by auto locked.

Everything drops on death you can go back and pick up.

If a clan has block off a area not much that can be done. If its a major part of the game like a dungeon or a obelisks that you can not get to. You can always message a admin via email but there so backed up with requests. Good luck getting it answered or anything actually being done.

I play on a PVE-C server, so I think I can help with your questions.

Everything is auto locked (with no way to unlock) on a PVE server to anyone not in your clan.
Anyone in your clan can access anything owned by a clan member.

On the official PVE-C server I am on, everything is dropped on death.

there are procedures for reporting abuses and exploits of other players in the game, they can be found here- [PLEASE READ] Official servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures
I hope that helps

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Thanks for you help. I played about a year and a half ago and remembered having to lock items and wasn’t seeing the option to do that so wasn’t sure if it was out of the lot or if I was just missing something. Again thank you for your help.

Thanks for responding

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Another question I thought official servers for PVE we’re supposed to be items not dropped on death all I see are dropped on death.

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I think the distinction that you might be trying to make is that on a PVE server, noone can loot your corpse but you.

On a PvP server, or a PVE-C server during conflict time, bodies can be looted by other players.

No I played about a year and a half ago and I remember when I died my loot would still be on my character when I re-spawned at my bed. I remember that because it was convenient when you would go get a bunch of resources and you were too heavy to move you could just die and take it all with you

hmm, well, my only experience is on a PVE-C server.
PVE Server rules may have changed, but if they have, its not something I am aware of.

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Let me see if I can answer all these for you. In PVE chests, workbenches, doors and all other items that can contain or storing items are locked to non clan members automatically and can not be unlocked for non clan members. They simply have no access to your stuff. Unless the items are broken or decayed resulting in them becoming a loot bag. Loot bags can be looted by anyone.

On official servers all items are dropped on death. Some private servers may change this option and allow you to keep your things on death. The only other time you will keep your items is if you are fighting in a battle standard area with PVP enabled. You’re corpse can only be looted by you.

If a clan blocked access to an essential part of the map causing you to not be able to play the game it should be reported to Funcom privately. Please read the following thread to see the rules and proper way to report an infraction.

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@Wak4863 That all sounds right to me.

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