PVE character looted

I had my lvl 60 character in an official PVE server left on top of a cliff, out of the way with everything that matters on him. Meaning benches professional thralls top tier tools and weapons and materials. Been there for a while and today that I logged in I had nothing but the armor I wear and everything that’s on my circle… Do benches and steel reinforcement decay? Was there a bug that you could loot bodies on PVE? What the hell guys?

private or official?

Apparently official

Can’t u still loose your stuff in pve if you die witch could come from exposure?

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Yeah yeah… But then also his armor which he had on, would have been gone. Or the items in the circle…

Its kinda strange.

@kaklamanis what does the event log say?


sry, duh lol ive looted ppl on pve private servers before. even accessed the weapon wheel. everything got filled w putrid meat XD

Yeah, this was a bug which got fixed some patches ago…

And normaly people would take all items… also the one from the wheel…

Can you drop your current inventory? I know you can move all items, as I do that before logging out.

Let’s get the most important thing out of the way first: is it a PVE or a PVE-C server? :wink:

As it is already mentioned twice PVE and official. Everything gone but the circle and the armor I was wearing. Log says nothing… Prolly more than 21 days but still…

I apologize, but I did have to ask, because I’ve seen several experienced PVE players who come to PVE-C and don’t understand the difference. No offense was intended.

Even if a player dragged a creature over to you to kill you they still can’t loot your body, but I know if you log out for more than a week your character disappears from the world so nobody can see you I think something happened when your body disappeared I’m on Official PVE

While it doesn’t seem like this is the case for the op, this is currently incorrect as of the horsey update.

It needs to be fixed. It plagued the game for around a year after launch before it was fixed the first time.
Nothing worse than dying only to return to see some one slowly fleeing as fast as they can’t run with all your stuff.

Wait? The bug is again ingame? :smiley:

Or do you pick-axe the dead body, so it turns into lootbag?

Not sure how its done as I don’t do it myself but it appears to be happening again.

My main concern is that I have been looted as you can do in pvp and pve-c in raid times. I spawned exactly where I left my character. I have NOT been killed for sure. Oh Fucnom you don’t stop to amaze me…

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This was a “known” bug some patches ago… You have to use the menu to interact with the corpse. Not only pressing one time, but holding to force the wheel to select your action.

Then it was fixed and it seems its back in the game…

PS.: You should never log out with ANYTHING on you anyway. You could die for whatever reasons and lose all your items in that way. Happened to me, still happens to alot of people, who start complaining in the bug section then.

Are you on PC or Console? Sorry but they are on different versions of the game currently. If I’m going to pursue testing on this it would be nice to know which platform you’re on.

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PS4 , I’m on PS4… Official PVE server.

You can only carry so much my man. I might sound insensitive here but… people have lost whole bases due to FC changing the map layout overnight. You sound like a capable level 60 that can get all that back in a day or two.

I’ve done extensive testing on PS4 for looting. You cannot loot a player that is unconscious, you cannot kill them and loot them, you cannot loot the bag left after hitting their body to make it disappear. If what you say happened it is a glitch or exploit and not something that is built into the game or at least not intended, both pre and post mounts patch.

I think it’s important to say that there have been issues with inventories. Is there a chance that you did not stay in the game long enough to allow your complete inventory to load in?