Please finally add permadeath option for servers

Our private server has been through a gambit of various mods to address this feature, but the issue with Conan Exiles is that just about every major update seems to break mods, and sometimes the mods don’t get updated, or they get updated months later, meaning we either can’t play on our server for months at a time and have to keep paying for it in the mean time so it doesn’t wipe, or we have to start all over again with a new permadeath mod.

Any attempts at eloquence aside, that simply f***ing sucks. Devs, please add a permadeath option to server settings so that our group can continue to enjoy the game consistently without having to rely on mods to be constantly updated.

That’s how we’ve been doing it, and it’s been great when it works. The problem is practically every major update breaks the mod, and then we can’t play for months.

I can’t fathom a perma-death option in a game this buggy. I once died putting a thrall on a wheel in the middle of the plateau south of the Black Galleon. As soon as I touched the wheel, game crashed to desktop. When I logged back in, it was naked in my bedroom, and the death marker was 100 yards north of my wheel in the river with the thrall next to me.

You’re telling me someone should have to start over at level 1 because the game glitches? Server option or not, that’s just nuts!


Yeah, when this game is as close to perfect as can be achieved, with minimal bugs, this might be something I was interested in. Until then, no way Jose.

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So don’t enable the option if you don’t want to risk it.

In the several months of actual playtime that we’ve been able to enjoy on our private server, no one has suffered a death that wasn’t at least partially their own fault.

Sure, that wheel of pain thing would piss me off, but I haven’t encountered anything like that so far.

Presumably on a private server with perma-death IF someone did die due to a crash/glitch then they could appeal to an Admin who could help get them re-established.
But without that option I’d not risk it either. Recently I was under water and the official server disconnected me… I had the typical warning that something was wrong as I couldn’t interact with an item but despite swimming towards the surface and getting out of the water before I relogged … when I logged back in … I was naked at my respawn point and a corpse was floating in the water…

But obviously I have no objection to it being a toggle on/off option in server settings for private servers, single player or co-op games. My partner quite likes the perma-death aspect of The Long Dark … (well despite his extensive cursing he must as he restarts new characters there again and again and again.)


Give it time. Once you get the hang of the game, you could make it to level 60 without ever dying. That being said, the perma-death does seem drastic. It really would be disappointing to make it to level 50 or so and then have to start all over again.

I do get that people want different things and I am not opposed to it being an admin setting option for private servers and solo-games.

maybe they should implement an irl death when you die in game. that would be more realistic

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Just an aside, but that’s not necessary. You can just copy the game.db and the config files and shut down the server, then restore those when you’re ready to play again. Whether that’s worth it to you I couldn’t say, of course.

I’ll have to agree with others that the game is still a little unstable for my tastes with regard to a permadeath option (deaths from glitches are few and far between but with permadeath even one is too many).

But as it’d probably be off by default/official anyway, no skin off my nose were such an option to be included. I mean don’t get me wrong, I generally don’t die unless I intentionally suicide any more either, but the leveling procedure would’ve been brutal.

99% of my deaths are caused by lags or glitches.

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Hasn’t been quite 99% for me, but my first deaths for each of my characters were thru no fault of my own. I’d say my death rate due to glitches is probably closer to 25%.

A few examples from myself and other players on my server:

  • Server crash lasting well past bedtime, login the next day and my character has died because I was farming wood in the volcano.
  • Goto bed wearing Lemurian Royal Armor, wake up dead because the game decided you overheated in your sleep in your own bed… that you’ve done the exact same in for months without issue.
  • Game lags while sliding down a wall and it never detects that you reattached.
  • Live in a tall base with a long load time? Oh good, we just cratered thru the building because it hadn’t finished loading yet.
  • Riding an elevator? Better hope your thrall or pet doesn’t teleport up and hip check you off the edge. Mine have.

I could go on, but you get the idea.

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Yeah I agree, certainly at lvl 30+ it starts being like that. If death had even more hardcore consequences (IE permadeath) I’d probably die even less even in the starting phase, as I’d take it slower and not push into new areas until I was well and truly ready. That may sound like an argument in favor of permadeath, but considering how insanely top-heavy the game is, forcing people to go through the relative tedium of the first part of the game over and over again doesn’t seem like fun.

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I love permadeath options. I like playing hardcore in Diablo 2 and 3. I think a server feature for permadeath would be easy to implement and add depth to the game for those who wish to run such a server.

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Nice strawman.

People like options, to tailor the experience to their groups own preferences. To argue against the inclusion of options is irrational.

And to pretend people don’t play and enjoy games with permadeath is just silly and dumb.

Good to know. Thanks for that.

I would be for a setting slider. perma-death, lose 1 level each time, then as is. Simple it would seem.

Aaaand the latest addition to the random, no-fault death list:

  • Clanmate is standing atop our new tower with me, watching as I place a maproom. Neither of us is moving, base is fully loaded, and we’re both standing still. Suddenly the game tells him he’s dead and that he killed himself.

So yeah, you can literally die just standing still in this game while fully fed, adequately clothed, and under no threat. It’s reasons like this why we’re incredulous that anyone could think this suggestion is viable, NOT that we don’t understand that the potential for it could be enjoyable to some.

Is this a console request? They already have this on the PC version, when you die hit Escape then select Recreate Character.


Come on, let’s not be facetious. Obviously relying on this to be self-administered is not viable.

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