Perma-death server setting

Some of us have been harping on this one since before EA even started. It’s not for everyone, but for those who enjoy a hardcore survival experience a permadeath mode would be a game changer.

Please give it real consideration, as I feel it would be a (relatively) simple feature to add and some of us would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks and you guys rock.


Sounds like something I would like to try

I have seen others request this, yeah! That’s way too hard core for something I would ever try so you guys are pretty brave and patient to want to try that. :laughing:
I’ll talk with the other CMs and see if that’s something we can add to our suggestions list!

Edit: Added it!

That’s an attractive idea but I feel like there’s still too many ways to die on accident at this stage of the game.

Like stepping on an invisible pixel of lava at the volcano forge, being killed by a panther during the teleport loading screen and so on.

but yeah, more options never hurt so why not.

having thought about it a little bit more, I think it could be a really fantastic experience, especialy for solo/coop play. (I would never dare trying PvP :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)
You would be forced to prepare well for everything, going slowly and step by step. And more importantly : Never, NEVER go to the volcano :slight_smile:

Note to funcom : I’m pretty sure this simple option would produce a massive amount of youtube videos/Speedruns for free advertisement.

Last note : If you ever do it, it needs a steam achievement :slight_smile:

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As long as it is player selectable, I’d love to see it.

Nicole you are the best! Thanks for listening to your players.