Dedicated server feature - Permadeath togle

It would be nice to have a permadeath switch for servers. It would default as off, but could be turned on for hardcore type servers. Permadeath is where your character is deleted if you die.

Since there is a recreate character feature, it would be easy to just make that feature kick in if a person dies on a server with permadeath on. The only issue would be if they were a clan leader. The game would have to move leadership to the next high rankling member. If its a one player clan, then it would disband the clan.

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I support this, I wanted a perma death feature in this game, I suggested perma death before but was ignored. lol
During one of funcoms streams back in the past I also mentioned perma death only to get a few people screaming no because they thought if their character died; they get kicked/banned off the server like how it was done in minecraft, sorry but this game is not minecraft, if you get perma’d in this game; you will appear in the character creation screen and restart all over again, that’s how I envisioned perma death, I want to see people try to survive and see empires rise and fall and see epic events happen which could create some sort of lore in the server which would be epic as hell. :smiley:

No reason for people to get upset if its a server feature that is off by default. The only reason to not implement this is time to add the functionality.


what happens if you lag die?

TBH, a better feature is to have a slider for setting the re-spawn time after death. Unless a clan mate can “resuscitate” your body with some kind of elixir. Imagine having a 15 minute re-spawn timer and getting killed mid raid. Would be nice to have a healer (maybe added with the sorcery system eventually?) in the group that could kill the timer and get you back in the fight.

Slider could go from 15 secs (current base), 30 secs (killed by another player right now), thru 86400 secs (24 hours) in growing exponents.
15-60 secs by 15,
60-900 by 60,
900-7200 by 900,
7200-86400 by 7200.
This would only be if killed by another player. the 15 secs would stay for environment/npc deaths (lag included :slight_smile: )

One final thought, maybe instead of perma-death, just make it so you lose a level when killed, and must regrind back up. again, lag kills would have to be figured. No-one should be punished for getting killed by a lag off a cliff. It is still a game.

Then it would not be perma death, perma death is once your killed your character dies for good, as for dying to lag then the server should not be hosted if laggy, however if it is your own net causing lag then I recommend not playing in perma death unless your willing to endure it… Also there is nothing wrong with a perma death feature, this game already doesn’t have perma death as it is, so why suggest something anti perma death when this game already has no perma death? Perma death is a feature for the really hardcore player base and there are some really hardcore players out there… Myself included… If you don’t like perma death then don’t play perma death… Also this feature is not for official servers, this is for those that want to add perma death into private servers, UNLESS funcom decided to add sum fun and add official perma death servers, but I am unsure that they will do that atm.

uhhhh…okay. have fun with that…

No harm in adding a server feature for those that want a more hardcore experience. It can even be a slider like you suggested, so long as the extreme end of the slider is still erase character on death.

As far as the lag comment, well that is part of the risk. So enjoy that level of risk. Your mileage may very.

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