Permanent Death option

I was disappointed this wasn’t already a play option. If it is, could someone kindly educate me how to enable it? You get one life. That’s it. If you die, that character is gone forever. On soloplay, it would force a new game. On servers it could force a new character creation. When everything is at stake, it completely changes the way you play. I would love to have this option.


If you play on PC, there might be a mod for that, but this would be an interesting option to be officially implemented.

I actual really like this idea. It would be a cool option for single player and private servers. It would be really interesting in RP and for hardcore gamers. However I personally feel like it would only work well if the players character was buffed (at least took less damage). Because currently your character has so little health certain bosses could end you in less time than you have to react especially at endgame. As a result Thralls would be relied upon even more heavily than they are now, to do all of the fighting. But with tweaks to balancing I think this could make for a very interesting game type.

That’s what makes it so much fun. Even fighting the lowly crocodile, it becomes the most important fight you’ve ever been in. You become acutely aware of your surroundings. You study your enemy from a distance to learn his tactics before you engage. A few stacks of bleeding damage become a critical element instead of a minor nuisance. It’s extremely immersive. This coming from someone who usually pokes fun at people who want immersion in a game.

I do this in SP all time… When I die, just restart. XD


Sure- you die respawn take your bracelet off- permanent death including all your stuff.

Have fun!

Not sure if the behavior on servers is different, but I soloplay. When I remove my bracelet, I just respawn at my bed, grab my religious artifact to harvest my corpse, and drop it in the altar for another zeal token.

I do. If there is, I haven’t found it yet.

I would love a permadeath switch in the server settings. Would make for some really fun and unique experiences on private servers. There is a mod for this (a very good one), but game updates break it, so an official server switch would be preferable.

Do you know what it’s called? I’d be willing to run a modded game with it.

It needs updated though, hence why a server switch is desirable

Thanks. I’ll watch for it to update. It would be cool if it were a built-in option tho.

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