Hardcore servers!

Hi everyone.

I like to know, we will get any hardcore server like Ark: Survival evolved?

Hardcore server= You die, you lose everything.

Please say yess.

(For me is very boring that you can someone and he can still be level high)

Sorry for the english.

Considering people didn’t (generally) even like the 30-day resetting (Blitz) servers, I doubt there’d be popular demand for this kind of thing. But who knows, it might be out there.


I’d suggest a death penalty. Each time you die, you lose a level and have to re-earn the level. The problem would be spawn campers though. The desert spawn would need a way to keep out anyone with armor or weapons.

We’ve been asking for some time, Cpt.Fish. It’s even on the suggestions list as “noted down for consideration”

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The only way I see this working is in a heavy-RP scenario, because then alliances - treaties - etc really start making sense: Going to war is costly, even if you “win”. And a clan-mate getting murdered is a BIG deal. Could be interesting, I’m talking myself into considering this!

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