Is anyone interested in playing on a server with hardcore rules?

I want to host a server on Siptah with hardcore rules to extend low level gameplay and make survival harder.

  • Less resources
  • Slower XP
  • Thrall do less damage
  • etc

But I don’t want to play alone. And I want a PvP server so that we could kick each other’s low level ■■■■■. I don’t plan to enforce a lot of rules, just some common sense good manner rules.

Would anyone be interested to join? I would also appreciate some more inputs on what you would like to have on such server. If the idea will generate some interest, I will host a server and (possibly) a discord, and post the links here.

Please comment if you like it.


I no longer do pvp for the moment
when the game has gained in stability and quality why not
then by experience which says more difficult means more time
and financially, the server must be assumed over the long term

Check with @stelagel . He likes hard core

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What is my problem with pvp?
I am a sick farmer. When someone is loosing I run to help him recover. My joy, fun, is to help others :man_shrugging:. I find no fun at all killing, stealing, demolish others. It is not how I want to spend my time playing. Before the last updates I was playing pvp, because I could avoid a fight. Now you can’t, so I have to fight and I don’t want to, it gives me 0 pleasure. If you want me to fight with you naked, any mob I will gladly do it, if you want me to fight arena champion alone without the opportunity to go back and gain my loot if I die, I will still gladly do it, if you want me to fight you, forget it, I will stand still, or pretend that I fight so you’ll win and it’s over. If however you need a veteran trainer in your server, to help all the others but with pvp immunity, my nick name in psn is stelagel, Stelios Litsios. I won’t co admin, I will just play and help the ones in need, that’s it.

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My dear friend @drachenfeles,
@3LiON is going to pay for a server, I don’t want him to take false hopes from me, I would love to play with him, I just said how I play fair and square, honesty helps I suppose :man_shrugging:.


I realize you don’t care for pvp but also know you like the hard core settings.


you are welcom to the asura city :wink: but i warning you, i’m french but i heal myself :stuck_out_tongue: :joy: :rofl:

but maybe you have better treatment :rofl:

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