Anyone want a harder server?

Is anyone interested in a PVE C server with restricted gathering rates. A more hardcore nomadic experience similar to Darksun D&D.

EDIT: This server is now up and live. Come join the fun, and see if you can survive here. The server has only 10 slots. I will turn it up to 40+ if people start joining. This thread has been moved to the Server section.


you have my attention :eyes:

I am thinking about starting a server with restricted gathering, pvp, but no building destruction. I think people go the wrong way with servers making them easier. It cheapens the experience. Building a small structure in sandstone should be an undertaking. Upgrading it would be even more impressive.

Of course it would have mods also. I am trying to figure out how many people are interested on such a server. There will be no admin intervention on anything other than walling in bases or locations of interest.

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Could be interesting. Would you also turn XP down so people aren’t max level by the end of day one?

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The server has a mod that allows you to level to 300

XP rates are the same, harvesting is difficult but trying to fight someone at lower level can be frustrating.

I was just thinking, this game we are exiles in a harsh land that is difficult to survive. Then a week later people have giant castles with tons of loot. Its dumb.

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Which mod would that be?

I removed that leveling mod because it had a change to get more resources when harvesting which defeats the purpose. I lowered the xp rate to.5

Anyone following this can try it out now while im testing. The server is called Darksun but the server update list doesnt work well, so here is the direct connect link through steam.


Haha this is great fun. I am only getting 1 wood per tree, and 1 meat per kill. Hard to stay alive.

I have seen a server like this before, it was a very niche server. Not sure if it is still around. I guess this is now a recruitment topic than a discussion one.

It was a topic for discussion. I moved along faster than I thought. I will now move this to the server threads. Have fun. More to come.

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