20 Slot Relaxed NA PVE Server. 3x Harvest 2X XP

Just started up and have a small group of friends playing. Server is paid a year in advance so feel free to join us and start a community.

Don’t be shy if no one is on at the moment. Be a pioneer and start building.

Add this to steam favorites:

We also have discord https://discord.gg/aM5P8aJ


Is this PvE, PvP, what type?
What are the XP rate settings?


PVE. 3x gathering and 2x XP

what is the appeal of pve on unofficial? Just a question

Like you don’t get the thrill of actually fighting another person in a 1v1, I think that is awesome

Everyone is different though. I don’t want to worry about someone I don’t even know in-game ganking me and taking my stuff.

Heya Rev. Mostly a social appeal. Most of my group of friends are an older bunch. We just like to hang out in voice and have fun. Besides, reflexes dull as I age apparently =P

Just a comment. There is a clan and a few single players now. Still pretty much and open map. We tend to play later in the evening so hope on but you’ll be more likely to see us then.

Do y’all use any mods like pippi or stacks, anything like that?

No mods yet, open to suggestions as long as mods don’t make god mode characters.

Some of the most common I see are like Litman Wieght, Litman Item Stack, Litman Legendary Loot Chest, Litman Container Size, LT’s compass, Pippi, and Pickup. Alot use one either Litman Level 78 or 156 too. I use a ton of them in the my single player game. Another I use is Production Ration mod all in one, just makes the grind for resources easier. Check em out let me know what you think, maybe I’ll join you guys if you get a couple.

Sounds good. I do like the mods that help get rid of tedium. Appreciate the suggestions and I’ll look into them

I probably will be adding some of those mods.Pippi i’ll have to get more familiar with.

Also, keep in mind that we still have a couple of our own people(slackers) who haven’t picked up the game yet so the server is wide open for build areas.

Thanks to KrazyRay for recommendations. Added mods:

880454836 Pippi
864199675 Pickup+
1125427722 LitMan Item Stack & Container Size
1341544207 Litman Weight
1185321962 LTs Compass

Lost some players when mods were added. Ensure that you have “Show servers with mods” Checked on server selection and mods are added correctly and in order. If you need help get a hold of me on discord https://discord.gg/aM5P8aJ

Server is still wide open. Hope to see you.

Wildhunt, you may want to put things like mod additions in your OP. Some people do not scroll down to see the different posts they only initially read the OP before deciding if they want to play on the server or not.

Tried to give your server a go but the IP you listed apparently is no longer good or the server is currently down.