[PC] [US West ] New Server 5/20 PVE Relaxed Casual 5x Harvest 2x Exp

We are an older generation and looking for similar Players even if you are New to the game. PVE, very relaxed atmosphere, Cooperative and Helpful, Inventory items kept on death, and only player can loot own corpse. Purge is active. Player friendly settings. Not many rules here but Be nice, No Trolling, Be respectful, you must be at least 18 years old to play on this server. If you are found not to be 18, we will ban you. But most of all have fun! This is a new server as of 5/19.

We run MODS. Here is the list in order that you need to have to join:

  1. LitMan Item Stack & Container Size
  2. LitMan Level One Fifty Six
  3. LitMan Loot Legendary Chests
  4. Less Building Placement Restrictions (1.0 Compatible)
  5. LitMan Increased Weight
  6. Pickup+
  7. Immersive NPC Loot System
  8. Immersive Salvaging & Smelting

We may add more MODS based on Player feedback.

Server Settings:
Player XP Multiplier

Harvest Amount Multiplier

Message me if you would like to join.


hey there, I would like to join your Conan server

Still plenty of spots open and basically the whole map still to build on! The more the merrier!

I’d be interested in joining…it’d be nice to get on to a server that isn’t overflowing with childish behavior, with ppl that wouldn’t mind co-op when it comes to accomplishing things. (World Bosses and such.)

[PC] [US East] here…and I’ll be 40 in July.

Today’s patch may cause a login issue. It kicked me during loading of the server the first time, but I relaunched and it worked fine. FYI

FYI Added a new MOD. Pickup+

Added 2 new awesome MODS.
Immersive NPC Loot System
Immersive Salvaging & Smelting

Be sure to update on your side. The MOD order is on the original post.

Have Fun!

A friend and I would like to join the server. He is 34 and I am 49. Sounds like a server we would enjoy.

Hello returning player from Beta looking for a nice server to join and enjoy the game with good people and try out a active modded server. Your mod choices and server setting look fun and would love to join yall if you have the room. 43yr old fart who plays on his downtime form work :slight_smile: Thanks

I’m a new player looking to play a PVE Server. Would like to join your server.

I’m a new player looking for a relaxed server. This sounds like a good fit and would like to join.

FYI LitMan Item Stack & Container Size has been temporarily disabled. Seems the MOD is not found on the server side. The client side has no issues and can be downloaded but not for the server side. I have contacted the author and I’m waiting for a fix. So your current stack size is still the same just going forward your new stack size is default size (100). I apologize for this and hopefully we can it enabled again soon.

Ok we are back in business, the MOD apparently has been fixed. So you can re-add it in the original order.