PC/US - PVE - 3x XP - 5x Harvest - Casual 18+ - 40 slots

PVE - Solid community, server address changed so I figured I would toss up a new topic. We just upgraded our hardware and the server is running very nice. Regularly 10+ players online.

Join Discord for updates: https://discord.gg/94RppYY



  • 3x Experience
  • 5x Harvest
  • Increased Spoil Timers
  • Decreased Crafting Timers
  • Increased Weight
  • No Friendly Fire
  • PVE Enabled


  • No Storage Raiding, Not Yours? Don’t Touch!
  • No Cave/Dungeon/Temple or Resource Blocking
  • Mature server however show respect for your fellow players
  • No exploiting of any kind for any reason