[US East] Relaxed PVE Casual Private Server

With the anticipation of the release on May 8th our small community is looking to add some new Exiles to our server. We are an older generation and looking for similar Exiles even if you are New to the game. PVE, Very relaxed atmosphere, Cooperative and Helpful, Inventory items kept on death, and only player can loot own corpse. Will have purges on (still messing with the settings) NO GODS. Player friendly settings, This is NOT a RP server but we will not stop you if you decide to try. Not many rules here but Be nice, No Trolling, Be respectful, you must be at least 18 years old to play on this server. If you are found not to be 18, we will ban you. Overall don’t be a Douche Bag!!

We run a few MODS:
#1 Pippi - User & Server Management
#2 LitMan Level One Fifty Six
#3 Female Wheel of Pain (April 2018)
#4 LitMan Item Stack & Container Size
#5 LitMan Loot Legendary Chests

These will be added when they get updated
#5 Immersive Salvaging & Smelting
#6 Immersive NPC Loot System

Private Message me if you have any questions.
Thanks and Have Fun!!


I think your server would be a good fit for me, I meet all the requirements, and I’m interested in joining, but for some reason I can’t PM you. Do you have a discord link or can you try to PM me to see if that works?

yes i sent u the link

Howdy, Myself and another gent would like to try out your server, I have over 800 hours and BTW i’m 55

very good i sent u the link

Hi, I’m interested as well.

Terrific idea for a server. I’m very interested in joining and contributing to the community.

Hi, I would likely be interested in the server for launch.

Awesome, i’d love to join! Exactly the type of server/group I’m looking for. I have and use Discord…Family man, with kids, so I play mainly on weekends and some weeknights. Love the settings you describe, currently messing around with a single player game, and, while kinda cool, also clear this game has opportunities to work with other people in a coop environment.

Thanks, Steve / Reften

Hi - these settings sounds awesome. I haven’t actually played before, but it’s been sitting on my wishlist for months now. I used to play ARK but my friends stopped and since official servers can be a bit hostile for survival games, I was looking into some dedicated servers for Conan.

You guys sound like relaxed players, and I’d very much like to join! I’m 24, and work 9-5ish through the week, so after work and weekends are when I get playtime in.

I would like to join your server it looks like just the type of server I like to play I am 43

I would like to join. 48 yrs old and zero drama. Please and thank you.

Also, please send me the discord link. Thank you.

Thanks to everyone who inquired about and joined the server… but at this time i have reached the server quota… if anything opens up or if i add more slots ill reopen this post…


Thanks Poss, love to be on the wait list if I missed the cut. I’m just not a PvP fan, but absolutely love this game & genre. Just about all other servers are so pvp focused.

check ur messages i sent u a invitation couple days ago

ill send u a fresh invite

Hi Your server settings are very appealing. What are your other servers settings currently? Harvest, EXP, thirst etc.

I would love to play on your server if a spot opened up. I am also curious about the rates you run on your server. As i find very little pleasure in playing pve when there is no challenge in building up.

Hello there !
My brother and i decided to reinstall the game and look for a fresh fun PVE server TODAY !
So i’m not sure if it’s destiny but i sure want to know more about that server of yours if possible :slight_smile:

This server still full, what are the gathering rates?