Barbaric Hell difficulty server - 0.1% XP - gauging community interest

I’m contemplating making a 0.1% xp server along with increasing respawn rates (longer to respawn) on NPC’s and harvestables to their maximum forcing you to venture around for stuff instead of getting comfy in 1 spot. Haven’t decided but likely PvE but not for sure. The slow leveling would make PvP hard to become viable in. All other settings would be adjusted to 20% harder from base.

Would be extremely minimal mods, if any - sandstorm fix mod, maybe better hotbars and the level 100 mod that does not add attribute points but only feats. MAYBE. I’m not sure on this.

Anyone interested in something like this? If not I’ll just stick to this in single player but if there is some interest would invest in a private server.

This sounds exactly what I was planning to do with my own private server, Tales of Lament. Let me know if you kick this off. I’d be interested.


Doesn’t seem much interest, I kind of doubt I’ll do it to be honest will likely just stick to singleplayer with the harsh settings. If you launch that server you mention let me know will be interested to see what you did with the settings. For my singleplayer I have Xp 0.1, 0.1, 0.8, 0.8, 0.8 - npc respawn and harvest respawn at maximum length (which works in opposite directions on the multipliers regardless what the tooltip says) and every other setting adjusted harder either at 1.2 or 0.8. Only thing is that singleplayer respawns everything on logging out and back in which I hate.

I’ve always liked these types of servers. Getting whomped by a shaleback due to a damage increase is fun. (really!)

Some servers get a little too “extreme” for me when they mess with the gather rate so bad that no matter what pick you upgrade to, the harvest is 1 item. yuck. Makes upgrading to starmetal useless, attachments useless, and everyone ends up keeping stone tools up to level 60. Those servers seem to burn out quick and never last very long.

That would kill any sense of progression - I had planned on just 0.8 for that. The idea was Barbaric difficulty, then xp to 0.1,0.1,0.8,0.8,0.8 - max length for npc and harvest respawns - and everything else basically adjusted 20% harder whether that be 1.2 or 0.8 to get it depending on the multiplier. Although, the 20% combat adjustments kind of add up.

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A few other things I’m not sure on - clan size being one of them. I’m torn between forcing single player only or maybe clan size of 2 or 3. Even clan size of 2 would greatly reduce difficulty since you could pool resources. Forcing single players would create more trade, people perhaps helping other people with purges, etc. Unsure on this.

finally, I’m still a new player, I just want extreme challenge - so I may play single player for a while (I have all my settings on this currently) to learn more about the game and then transfer the save to a private server with all settings like this. I hate spoilers, I like figuring stuff out on my own so if I open a server like this right now I probably couldn’t avoid those sort of things just with general game chat which I wouldn’t want to limit.

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