Died and no body to find /loot

It’s just happened again, for me.
I’m playing single-player, total solo First I died of hunger, and then again I died tree - four times on my bedroll, of hunger. When I returned to the game MY DEAD BODY WAS NOT ON THE 1. SPOT. And only ONE naked body on my Bedroll.

I acutely stopped playing this game, Conan Exiles 1½ year ago, because of the SAME issue


As I suggested in your previous topic you could spawn your lost items via admin panel.

In the future you can do what a lot of players do, and store all items in a chest before you log out.

Alternatively if you go to;
Settings> Server Settings> Survival> Drop Equipment On Death
Then deselect that option, you will retain your items even after multiple deaths.

I notice that your deaths take place between 02:27 and 02:52, for a SP game that load time is extremely long.

A load time of that duration is most likely caused by your own hardware limitations. I typically would expect to load into the game in less than 25 seconds, not 25 minutes.

Good luck.

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