Died can’t find my stuff

I accidentally fell off a cliff and trying to hang on the wall died when I went back right after I spawned and I couldn’t find my body or any of my gear (took forever to get enough thick hide) how I get it back?

I’m sorry to hear that you lost some time and effort when you could not recover your character’s belongings after dying. Unfortunately, Funcom does not offer MMO style support for Conan Exiles. We will not be able to assist you with recovering lost items.

It probably won’t make you feel any better, but losing things in a survival game is very much a part of the experience. It wouldn’t be an accomplishment to conquer a land that has no risk! There are many hazards in the game that can cause you to lose items, progress, and time. It’s safe to say that this will probably happen to you again at some point in the future (as it does to everyone). You must pick yourself back up, and rebuild!

On PC relogging shows your corpse if you cant see it.

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i understand the aspects of losing stuff but when i go back to the exact place i died right next to my spawn point and my body isnt to be found its kinda doo doo

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