I Died. Where's My Body? WHERE'S MY STUFF?!

Greetings fellow slayers, I’m here to vent about the MAJOR BUZZKILL that is the MIssing Body Syndrome in Conan Exiles on XB1. This has happened to me randomly in my single player game at least 6 times. Each time, complete and utter loss of any and all gear, loot, weapons, etc. H…O…U…R…S…of time spent grinding and farming to get the stuff just to have it poof out of existence… Adding salt to the wound, the map marker plainly shows that there SHOULD be a finely attired, well equipped and jiggly-with-loot CORPSE lying RIGHT THERE ON THE GROUND! Please tell me that whomever is responsible for this soul-crushing break in game mechanics has been clubbed over the head and nailed to a cross in the desert somewhere. Please fix your game, Funcom, you have the makings of something pretty cool here. Don’t let a handful of unaddressed bugs, glitches and design oversight drive players (and slayers) away.


Its a common known bug (not defending anything you are just right it is a mess.)

Workaround is - walk away ( far) and return,
or logoff and login the session.

My own solution for the annoyance just in case i lose it: I have a thrall dressed in a second full kit - if i can easily dress up again - im less annoyed i noticed.
This will not cover the loss of inventory, but it’s something.


This issue is unfortunately not just related to one specific event. It’s a more tricky and complex issue with a few different problems that lead to the same outcome.

It’s in our high priority/critical bugs to work on. We have addressed some of the issues related to this but there are more underlying aspects.

In short, we are aware of this really annoying issue, it’s on our critical priority list and it’s being worked on.
Sorry that I don’t have a better answer at this point :frowning:


Thanks, Arizer. Will the Logout method guarantee a corpse when I come back in? I admit I haven’t tried that option yet. This last occasion that prompted my rant felt like a kick in the stomach as I had just looted a cave for some much-needed resources along with my regular loadout and I just couldn’t wrap my head around the absurdity of such a glitch - for the 5th or 6th time… I appreciate the response. Thanks.

This has literally been a problem since May 8th and they rarely if ever bring it up unless more and morepeople complain. I have found the best way around it is to play a server that you don’t lose all your inventory. It isn’t as hardcore but I would rather do that than die and look for a body that is right in front of you for 25min. The best solution for the bug is to just wait for body to decay or die 3 times and your body should decay and your loot will pop up. Still very annoying.

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Untill we reach Final Final release keep the logoff/login as a first aid , dail 911 solution as almost all temporary annoyances are fixed with it.

They are temporarily fixed too by it though lol.

Yes the body will be there 99% of the time.

Our rants are implied to gaming it would be dull if not, it shows the/our passion. :grinning:

I just thought it would be funny to share that after shock-quitting my game last night to post my comment here, I logged back on today - just a few minutes ago - only to watch all of my thralls drop dead simultaneously. No joke. Dancers, Archers, Fighters, Named NPCs… death rattles and instant corpses! I mean, what in the actual F, Funcom?! I retract my earlier statement about having the makings of something great with this game. I’ve played my fair share of crappy games, the occasional broken game, but this is the first time I’ve been so annoyed as to actually post anything on a forum. So disappointed.

You allegedly fix it, and then it comes back again. And then you fix it again, and it comes back again.

I believe that there are modders who have fixed a majority of these persistent game breaking issues. Why are the modders better at fixing this game than you are?

I just had an invisible corpse issue. None of the “regular” workarounds were successful to help me find my stuff. This is bullcrap Funcom. Please get serious about correcting these game-breaking issues. Or you will be kissing the last chances of DLC revenue goodbye.


Really? Can you link me to their fixes so I can download them please?

This bug is really costly, you loose so much high tier stuff and so much time when you’re crafting all over again, hope you’ll be able to fix it for good.
BTW many players on my official are having this issue quite frequently and all are pissed off as hell when it happens.

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I found if you can “harvest” the invisible body then it will spawn a loot bag when the body has gone. Works on invisible player and npc corpses so far, even on PvE servers.
My clan-mate after a death could not see his body or the dead apes and humans near where he died. I could see the ape corpse on top of where my clan mate died, but not his body. Moving about the area with my mouse I did get the “corpse press e” interaction for his invisible body so I attacked the ground with a tool …this “harvested” his corpse and suddenly a massive loot bag appeared that we could both see. He could then get all his stuff back.
Shortly after this incident he had a hard crash of the game.

Spamming the ground with a skinning knife is absolutely a last ditch method to trying to find and recover your stuff. However, this isn’t always feasible. Especially if you are way out in the field, and are working from a bedroll with no easy obelisk ports. Unless someone is around where you died, and can offer you a skinning knife.

I used a pick in this case I think. So a desperate crafting of any basic tool if you can gather the mats for it is better than rage-quitting and definitely losing all the gear due to body despawn timer. It helped my clan mate that I could see the ape that fell on his corpse and that I had tools to harvest his corpse with.

Of course it’s a nasty bug that Funcom needs to fix. As it’s not consistent it is more difficult to figure out how to fix it.

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