Game glitch and now body's gone

So this is now the 3rd time this has happened. I’m in the world, the game glitches out and goes to XBOX main screen. I have to reload Conan and when I get back on I’m dead and at my bed. I look to see where my body is and it is nowhere near where I would have been while I was playing, aka usually shows in the north before volcano. I go to where it would show on map my body and its nowhere. This has like I said happened 3 times now and ive had to make all my gear from scratch. Again. I wouldn’t even care if I died due to the glitch and be able to retrieve all my gear but its like my body is below the ground where I or anyone has no access to, AND I have to spend hours now rebuilding what ive lost. XBOX PVE Confirmed 2729 (Pabst3376).

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