So. Many. Glitches! Body and loot has all disappeared (again)


So i’ve just died, and not for the first time, my body has completely disappeared. Whilst it was irritating whilst I was at lower levels, i’d spent hours crafting some decent gear since then, and now it’s all gone. I’ve checked the event log and it just says all my items have decayed, but all i’d done since dying was to grab a few bits and head out to find it. By the time I got there, which wasn’t too much later, even the grave marker had disappeared. Logging off and on again hasn’t helped, and neither has leaving the area and returning. Is there any way to fix this that i’m missing?!

Other issues from the last couple of days…

  • Can’t move for more than a couple of steps for about 20 seconds after logging in
  • Benches and others things also take a long time to load into view
  • Loading times in general are ridiculously long
  • I somehow managed to die whilst logged out, despite being in a secure base
  • Thralls and horses are constantly getting in the way, and sometimes completely trapping me, to the point I can’t get them to move and have to log out, or get a friend to get them to follow them instead
  • I climbed up a hill near the unnamed city, fell through the floor, and appeared where I started at the very beginning (near the shattered bridge)

I like the game, but all these issues really are starting to ruin it, as it just becomes boring and repetitive when you keep having to redo the same things.

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