Summoned body, it never appeared, lost my gear


xbox series x
PVE official

I filled out a big report but it looks like it did not save here. Basically I tried to summon my body for the first time and it never appeared. The map showed it back where I died. I ran over there and couldnt find it. Logged out, when I logged back in it NOW showed it back at my base, I return to base and still can’t find it, I look at the server log and it shows my corpse decayed and my loot is gone. I am just so upset, is there anything I can do? I had no idea summoning your body was so dangerous, I had never tired it before. Can I do anything?

A known glitch. The body is entombed inside the circle, and will drop onto the floor if the circle is dismantled.

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Oh no, I really hadn’t heard that anywhere thank you for telling me, the older board I found suggested looking under the circle or even on objects above it. If I dismantle the circle now will my lootbag be there?

if the time the bag is maintained in game is on then yes. this is a visual bug that is similar to thralls falling undermesh. for me also works the get out of render range and return and ur body awaits u on the circle 99% of the times

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Alright, thank you for letting me know, it sounds like I won’t be using the summoning circle again on official server as it just took me a good number of hours replacing my gear. I for sure don’t want to do that again. :slight_smile:

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As the previous stated there are ways to correct it. Your shooting yourself in the foot by refusing to use it… On pvp it’s absolutely vital, on pve it would add a huge QOL improvement…I understand the apprehensive attitude but with conan it’s typically learning two truths… You will suffer great loss, and you will experience game breaking things at times… Just how I view it tho.

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