Body count bug, false patchnotes



**Game mode: Online private
**Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

[Describe the bug here]
After dieing 4 times the first death body despawns (after the post halloween update where the patchnotes specifically say you can have up to 10 bodies now). The rhino boss bugged out, 1 shot me, I die a few times trying our new mechanics of jumping down to our map room and when I get back over there my body is gone, the event log shows it has been completely despawned the moment I died for the 4th time. So clearly the patchnotes are a lie, nothing has changed on the subject.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.die with gear
5. stuff gone


Thank you for the report, Occido :slight_smile: I’ve sent it back to the team. It could simply be that the change isn’t working as intended, so we’ll take an additional look at it.


I know there is a body count, but isn’t there a “timer” as well for de-spawning. Just wondering, because if not, then I imagine the map littered with corpses of all players that have 10 deaths :). If so, how long before you finally got back to the original death.


Probably not related, but IIRC the decay timer for corpses is 10 minutes. Or at least it was when I last tested it, many updates ago.


Hasn’t been too long, about 10 minutes I think before I returned there, but my friend died before me (rhino boss is a pain with teleporting and 1-shotting lol) and well 30 minutes later his 2 bodies were still over there but for me my death icon was gone, my body was gone and the event log shows it got despawned.

So I know it wasn’t the body decay timer simply because my friends bodies who died before me were still there and lootable.


Thanks for letting them take another look (and be so quick with answering), that is why I figured I’d put it out on the forum here, because both me and my friend read the patchnotes we just knew this wasn’t correct.

An off topic question, what are the plans on fixing named alchemist spawns? Was hoping it would come with the post halloween update, currently my clan and I have spent 1.5 weeks farming mounds of the dead constantly for the one that does spawn, without succes.


Just to report I have experienced the exact same behavior as the OP. Lost my legendary axe because of it. Well it’s been a fun ride…


Looks like the case of a fix they tried to implement doesn’t work. I would have thought changing the number “3” to a “10” couldn’t be screwed up…but it seems…


More than likely, it just didn’t have the intended effect because their assumption (that the “missing body” issue was due to the corpse limit) was wrong.

There seems to be two distinctly different causes for this problem. One seems to be a client-side rendering issue where the corpse is “there” (insofar as the server is concerned) but the client won’t display it. This is the case where another player may see your corpse, or you may be able to get it to render if you relog or respawn in the area (i.e.: drop a bedroll nearby and kill yourself).

Then, there’s the issue where the corpse is actually falling through the world. This seems to be more common on sloped and elevated terrain (like land bridges).


Agree completely…and both issues you talk about (which lots of players encounter) have nothing to do with the actual “body count” on the server you currently have. So, adding to that number, or removing it, will not affect the issues.


In this specific case the game is not working as intended according to the patch notes.

Since they said they upped the body count to 10, but when dieing for the 4th time the death marker on the map and body of the first time are just gone. Not only me but my friend aswell were looking for my body on the spot where I died, ran away a few times to reload the area etc.
That combined would mean it is not client sided and also that my body didn’t fall through the ground (because then there still would be a death marker on the map).

But I do agree that increasing the body count is unlikely to fix those other problems they were trying to fix with it.


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