Can not find my dead body

server #3950 PvE official

got my thing back by log out x3 and then close application and log back in
now Im scared to play this game with item in my inventory this is 2nd time occur

Happens often to me, its good to play with friends, even when i don’t see body others can, so it helps a lot, then they can either butcher it for you or you can point where your body is supposed to be and you will be able to loot it in most cases, but sometimes they have to butcher it so you will see big bag of loot

Here’s a tip if you die and can’t see your body when you go back to that spot. Bring along a bedroll with you, drop it near where your corpse should be, and then remove your bracelet (killing yourself). When you load back in at your bedroll, your previous body should show up.

By the way, from what I can tell, this is entirely a client-side problem. As far as the server is concerned, your corpse is still there until the decay timer elapses, the client is just not rendering it. The same bug can manifest with NPCs that you’ve recently killed that just disappear; other people can see them, even if you cannot.

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