Dying = Invisible corpse .. ¤#!"#


So, happened more than once now. I die (PvE server) and I ress naked. Run to where my corpse should be and … Meh …

Had luck (once) with exiting to meny and SUPERUBERFAST gooing back to my server and then my corpse was visible again.

Alas, no luck this time. And now im stuck at refreshing again …

Anyone got a tip on what to do when you die, and your corpse is invisible?

Happend to me and some others on the server, our corpses respawned after 3-5min or so. Still frustrating, but managable on PVE server :slight_smile:

Ah okey cheers.

Funcom - You had any other players issuing this ?

Any time a player or npc (like a thrall you are carrying back to base) disappears or is stuck on the ground, try running far away (basically drawing distance) and then come back. This has fixed the issue for me every time my body gets stuck in the ground and can’t be recovered.


Cheers mate ! will try that next time!

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