A question or two

I bought this game about a week ago and I am enjoying it. However, it’s starting to really fustrate me. Why is it almost every time I die and almost immediately go to recover my corpse, my body isn’t there??? I have lost good stuff and time because of this.

Okay, fast rundown of what I know and remember right now.

Never empty beehives, fish traps or wells - or they will stay empty after next server restart.

Close chests with random loot in the world with e. If you close them with esc, those chests will bug.

If you have a thrall following you and you are going to use an elevator, have the thrall guard on top or below or it might fall and die.

If you died and cannot find your corpse, have the game reload the area, then the corpse should turn up at some point. (Eighter run away and back. Or just log out and back in. I prefer the second way.)

Yes I know, the first three have nothing to do with your situation, but… :wink:

Another solution to the disappearing corpse is f it does not turn up after running out of rendering range or relog is to craft any tool and smash randomly at the ground around where you died until you harvest your own corpse … at which point a loot bag should appear. ( Also works if a friend harvests your body )

This is a known bug and I do believe they’re working on tracking it down, though there’s no ETA on a fix that I know of.

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