My corpse dissapears when i die. And a little bit more stuff

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [eu]

About five Times now my corpse have dissapeared when i die. I have lost all my gear and loot when That happens. I have tried logging in and out to see if the corpse is back, but no.

about Three Times my captured Thrall starts to spinn and then dissapears when my rope breaks. Same here inpossibile to find the trall again.

Problem With my Thralls in my base in the beach area. They are running around in my base, and a few have dissapeared and not come back.

4: Two of my bases (just starten with my Third) have gotten som kind of glitch around som building point. Floors, stairs and foundation makes my character jump and sort of flyes over these pieces and i cant interract with the building pieces.

On ps4

On a dedicated EU pve-c server

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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This is happening on all the servers.
For the last three days our stairs in one of our pvp bases keep disappearing lol.
Sometimes when one of us dies and comes to claim the body they cannot find the body so I come and help and either we go in and out of rendering distance and find a bag or a body upright in the jesus pose.
had some vaults disappear, thralls falling into the floor or though the floor to the ground beneath them, and yes when dragging them along when capturing a thrall if more than id say 5 to 10 minutes goes by or you drop them for any reason and pick them back up they tend to fall off the rope very fast and fall through the map, ive actually gone out of rendering distance a few times and found them laying on the ground lol. As for your flying over stairs its a loading issue when you first load in the game or come up on your base let it load that seems to fix the problem

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