Thrall death body permanently vanishes

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: 8065

Bug Description:

Thrall dies, body vanishes permanently with gear still on it.

Logged in and out, used rendering range a few other things and nothing fixed this. Keeps happening often.

Bug Reproduction:

Die, then thrall dies then return back to finish task and collect corpse loot body doesn’t reappear at all. Or thrall dies while in combat combat ends and thra is no longer in the world.


so if I understood correctly the corpse of your slave disappears with the equipments? .

Yes it’s normal. It’s always been like that since the start of the game.

(I think )after 30 minutes the body of your slave’s disappears .

he drops a bag that contains all the things that were equipped in his inventory.

and after 10 minutes the bag disappears with the equipments forever

Lately it has happened on death (Instantly), which is really annoying with purge thralls.


No, that’s the player’s time. A thrall is just like any other NPC and will disappear fairly quickly. It can be quite nerve wracking to retrieve their stuff if they die, especially during a purge or some other dangerous event or location.

thank you for the correction :smiling_face::face_holding_back_tears:

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SO . I invite you to modify your first comment.

to include (during the purge) it is very important to specify clearly.

and I could only tell you one thing.

The game has a spawn limit for all creatures.

once the limit is reached. the dead bodies of slaves and ennemi disappear.

so I think that reducing the spawn numbers of enemy soldiers could fix this problem.

I also had this problem many times.
I lost a lot of weapons and armor.

Used to be the same as the issues with NPCs and you could just run out of render range and back. Nope. Or at least that has been the case with the last 4 I’ve lost.

Weak bearers.

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Yes it has been around but they have substantially lowered the rate to which it has happened, it seems to trigger a lot on death and being knocked out is at least 8% sometimes they show back up if I log or my family will see it even though I cannot so it can be saved to enslave but to morn a dead and take the look back isn’t possible a lot.

Heck I EVEN made a small mourning video because I actually got angry recently hits 20, then random NPC who gives scraps hits him for 666 damage not even joking then they just poof. I sat at that spot killing for 3 hours doing everything thing I could but my best equipment was poof along with other stuff.