Inventory Bug from dropping items

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Inventory Bug]
Region: [NA]

[I play on an Official PVE server and have found a new inventory bug. Earlier I was showing a friend an armor set, 5 pieces, He dropped me the armor set but I noticed he only dropped 4 pieces, so I asked him to drop me the chest piece as well and he said he did and I told him I only got 4 pieces back. We were losing several things because of this and I eventually said this has to be a bug. Earlier I found out that he had told me that one of the weapons that I had given him reappeared in his inventory after logging back in. I decided to log off and come back in, noticed the chest piece was back in my inventory. I said that I only saw him drop 4 pieces of armor but he dropped 5 so what happened is that the piece he dropped went directly into my inventory without me actually picking it up and it’s basically invisible until you log back in and then it’s there.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Have another player drop items
  2. Pick them up
  3. Drop them back
  4. Repeat until you notice one of them is gone

That happened to me too, I’m on a pvp server and when I gave my partner some things, only one item of 3 that I gave him was lost. Conan is no longer fun

Hello @Aaron8956, thank you for getting in touch!

What ping are you and your friend getting to the server and which server are you referring to?

Does it only occur when dropping items on the floor and not in containers?

Ususally around 40-80 ping. I play on server #2500, and it only occurs when dropping things on the floor. It doesn’t happen in containers so that’s how I’m working around it right now.

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