Inventory drop/loss bug

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: | Bug | Performance
Region: NA

[Every time I drop my gear and even in some moments where I’m unequipping it there’s a chance for my gear to just instantly disappear. On some occasions it can be recovered by logging off and on the server but in some cases it just disappeared for good(such as in the case of my GodBreaker Helm just today actually) this bug is GAMEBREAKING losing things instantly with no way of recovery is very demoralizing especially when your not properly established and can afford to lose things let alone a piece of higher end legendary armor ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Drop items from inventory
    2.Unequipping items in inventory
  2. Looting items with the loot all option
    4.each of these can produce the bug

Definitely agree! This happens to me all too much.

I have also experienced it quite a few times but relogging has always solved the issue for me. I’ve never atually lost things to this.

Hi @Painted_aim, welcome to the forums, we’ll be sure to relay this information to the team.

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