Chests Disappearing

I am having chests disappearing everyday…at first was not that bothered due to 8 may release day yipeee.
However these disappearing chest are happening when I get things out and when I go back they are gone. So far today lost two and have been on for about 20 min. In total lost
9 chests since Saturday (New Zealand). I verified files numerous times. Uninstalled and reinstalled Conan same thing is happening. So its a major bug. Other players have the same problem and worse there stations are also disappearing.

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Hey Relic, sorry to hear of the trouble. Have you tried checking your event log for entries for these items? They may be missing due to intended mechanics.

Official Server 903 PVE nothing showing in event log for chest destroyed etc. When logged on today Cupboard and 5 chest gone. Hmmm I am not going to have anymore chests or cupboards at this rate.

Same for me. lost chests of potions and tools. also didn’t bother to replace due ot up coming wipe. would be a serious problem after launch

Logged in just now and 3 of my chests are gone. My purge meter was nearly full when I logged out, now it’s completely depleted, could that be what happened?

The chests were standing right next to my door on the inside of my house, there was 4 chests there, the three closest to the door are the ones that disappeared.

I’m on an official server, PS4

We had the same problem with one of our chest. Wa had an indicator panel above wich disappeared too.

I am playing on Xbox official PvP server 2736, at first we had just a chest with 2k steel reinforcements disappear, was not a big deal at first. Then we started having more chests full or stuff disappearing work benchs etc. It is to the point now where the is no point in playing anymore if this keep happening. I do not know how to recreate this, but this is a major problem and NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!!

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Still happening to me. Not just items in a box, but entire buildings and the items inside them as well. I even started new characters to try and avoid the problem but it keeps happening. A lot of people say playing video games is a waste of time and I tend to argue, but this genuinely is. It’s pointless to play if all your progress is going to be erased over and over again. This isn’t Super Nintendo. What’s going to be done about this? It’s a major flaw and should be fixed sooner than later. I’d be embarrassed if I was a dev on this one.

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So this just happened to me. And of course it was the chest with stacks of Black Ice building materials that I was going to use for conversion after designing in T1 stuff.
I don’t even want to think about how many hours I just lost, or what it would take to get all that stuff again.

I think this might be the final straw. Not sure if I’ll turn this game on again.

Definitely not ever purchasing a Funcom product again.