Disappearing chests ps4

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Since 2 days ago chest have been disappearimg in our base we have lost like 10 so far and all content inside which is really annoying

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.place chest
2.fill chest with materials for safe keeping
3.notice chest has disappeared and realize you wasted time farming for what ever it was we lost
4.hope funcom fix soon

I’ve had around 30 or 40 despawn myself, i’ve lost an ungodly amount of mats

Is it possible that you havent opened the chests for 6 days? Could be a decay issue. Same happened to me, and I’ve been opening all chests every few days to keep it from happening again.

I’ve had this problem with chests placed less than 24 hours before. Both on and off foundations/ceilings. I think it’s fairly common as I’ve read alot on here and reddit about it

Its not a decay issue i lost 27 boxes today and i access them everyday, my total count of lost chests is pushing 80. Decay is a radius area aswell simply being near your built structures or boxes will refresh and its a huge radius

Yea I agree with you. But there is a box disappearing bug

But in my experience, if a box last for more than 24-48hours in my base. It won’t dissappear. So I usually plant them and wait… Not sure if this is the same for everyone else

I recently lost a chest that had been working fine for more than a week, then poof gone :disappointed_relieved: after reading this thread I feel like I’m lucky I’ve only lost one chest full of backup gear.

Has anyone had this with vaults?

Testing vaults is only hope we have, i lost a set archpriest and 5 more boxes today. Its nice funcom hasnt even acknowledged the issue let alone offer some kind of work around until its patched