Chests still losing stability for no reason

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Haven’t posted here before and I know that things are buggy from time to time but I’ve just lost 2 full chests of good gear and I worried more or even my vaults will go next, it wasn’t so much a problem when my foundations were randomly not stable even though this should be addressed but my chests worry me especially when you work hard for what’s inside them, the chests that went missing were on top of a table but the ground around them are 60-100% stable, can’t find a reason why this is still happening, I want to add the chests were on different ceiling tiles and above ground so I can’t see any objects spawning through them.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. place down a chest.
  2. Fill with items
  3. Wait till they randomly lose stability.
  4. Event log states that the chests lost stability.

Hello @Smm1990, welcome to the community!

It’s unfortunate that you’ve lost the contents of your containers, could you please share a screenshot of how and where they were exactly placed to help our team reproduce the issue and address it?

Did it happen while playing online in an official server?

Can you also let us know through the information displayed in the Event Log if they lost stability after the daily server restart, or upon you logging in?

It might be advisable not to stack containers on top of placeables other than building blocks, such as ceilings or foundations, in order to prevent any possible loss of said containers due to stability related issues.

Hopefully these will clear things up, I’ve always stored my chest staggered onto tables to maximize space with no issue, only really since the last update has this happened.

I’m on official pve-c server #3042, it looks like the lost stability around 21:30 and the server generally resets at 4 in the morning, I also had been playing a while but I believe the contents of my vault weren’t showing so I may of exited the game and come back in a couple of times during me playing to help refresh the items as sometimes vaults don’t show everything when I have been playing a while

Going forward I’ll move all chests onto the floor and hopefully the issues will stop.

Thanks for the reply.

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Thank you for taking the time to share further details and screenshots, we’ll relay this information to our team so that the issue can be looked into.

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