Chests losing stability again

I’m relatively new to the game. i’ve been having a problem with my chests losing stability. I just lost all of my best stuff that i got from a raid and it’s getting really frustrating. My chest was placed directly on the foundation so I’m not sure why they lost stability .

Try using a repairing hammer to check stability on the foundation you are placing the chest on.

Unfortunately at the moment there is random decay and abandonment of random items within bases.
I have several items that are noted in the event log as going into a decay state and will be abandoned… some in the future, some saying they will be abandoned in the past.
I’ve logged in to find items despawned and things which were on top of them list stability and despawned.
I’ve lost two tier three alters which has been in the same places for many months since the anniversary patch.
Our best bet is to distribute our precious goods in several locations so we don’t lose all if this random bug despawns something.

Funcom should be aware of the issue from several reports people have filed.


can confirm. just yesterday i had 1 of 2 carpenter’s benches decaying in a fully maintained base which caused the chest on top to lose stability. all items lost ofc.

was there any carpet there? could it be that there was a rock under that foundation? you could sometines see it before the base is fully loaded.

No carpet or rocks. Atleast not that I can see

Is destroying a carpet u own normally supposed to cause the object on top of the carpet to immediately lose stability and disappear?

all i know is that carpets tend to disappear/decay and/or cause instability issues. feel free to test and let us know the outcome.

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I don’t know whether it’s “supposed” to, but considering it’s been doing exactly that for a long while now - it’s probably intended. It’s not just carpets, either, but they are a common culprit.

There’s a world of difference between a player deliberately destroying something, and something randomly losing stability without player interaction though. Destroying the object underneath something definitely counts as player interaction in this regard, even if you’d logically expect whatever was on top to not suffer any ill effects (it is still a game).

Guess this bug is still going strong. You can avoid it by not placing things on top or under your chests.

For example, if you place a chest on top of a carpet, the capet can now decay and destroy everything on top of it. If you place a candle on top of your chest, the chest can now decay and destroy the candle as well.

I see you placed a chest on top of a workstation? Bad combo. Workstation can now decay, destroying everything on top of it.

Yes, this is a strange problem for a building game. But Funcom’s motto is “Fix one thing, break another”


This hurts my hoarding heart

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