All my chest lost stability, and lost 3/4 of my base? why?

i lost all chest on benches and all stacked chest, even single chest ;lost stability please why??? i lost so much

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in the event log in just says chest lost stability

Welcome to the Forum. Funcom folks won’t be on till Monday if you could supply more details it may help them looks like this is happening to several people going to login and check my self.

so pretty much i was playing and a few chest lost stability, lucky we got them, so i put all out loot on our benches, which was only one chest on every bench and, i logged off and everything was fine, next day started building, got distracted then went inside and every chest lost stability but 4… and i asked another clan who live in temple had same thing but not as bad as what happen to us

Was your base near an obelisk?

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What are playing? PC? Xbox? Ps4? Official server?

nope eye that never closes

and playstation

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I am on ps4 too. And I am a little bit afraid of this messages that people losing chests.

I know there is a risk to stacking chests or other tricks but hoping my new wall of chests will survive.

Just login to check it. Everything is fine atm.


Same here. I quit more than one time because of ‘funcom raids’ now I buyed the last two dlc a week ago on my old pvec and hoping that I don’t get a reason to quit again.
Losing work because of a random bug and only get a sorry is really hard to take


I checked several stacks of chests 4 high on shelves no problem yet.

i got 6000 hours so no bro

How can this be? I don’t understand. Chests do NOT have a stability rating! Did I oversleep and it’s April 1st already?

Sorry you had this happen to you. I’ve lost a few things in the latest update due to stability. It seems like when items are placed not directly on the ground or structure pieces, they run the risk of losing stability. I’d come back to my base to find tables and shelves completely wiped off. I even lost a chair to a carpet. To my knowledge, they’re aware of the issue and hopefully a fix will come soon


ive got all my chest that despawned all back up, i named them dont use, or testing for despawn, ill let use know if more despawn.


For example if you put it on a foundation and remove the foundation you have a lost stability log for the chest

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mate i got 6000 hours on conan, please stop. of course ive got 6000 hours and didnt know if you dismantle foundations. the above loses stability, lmfao

Interesting. It actually used the word “stability” in log huh? That’s so weird because there is no stability attribute for chests and benches, and so on. There’s damage, but not stability. Hmm, I guess you learn something everyday.

We get that you have 6000 hours as you have said it three times now. People are trying to help and be empathetic, no need to be rude. Odd that you have never posted or possibly this is not your original forum account?

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It’s a bug. It all started after the update. Players on my server started reporting this the very next day. So far today I’ve had several others to report with one player losing 28 chests. My server is pve-c