Chest lost stability, here we go again

My chest lost stability while I was in game, far 10metres from them, 2 FULL chest. One of them was on top of another chest. Anyone can explain? Because its happend before just with shelf, but never like that. Funcom, can you fix that? Your policy is like “no refund”, I know right? But I lost a good amount of resources, and time. Thanks


Welcome to the Forum. I feel your pain lost 20 plus chests on my Ps4 server about 2 weeks ago that were on shelves all the ones on floor ok don’t have a clue why. You could send a message to Zendesk and give information it may help them figure out the problem. Don’t think the team will be back till Monday. Sorry about your loss.

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Thanks for the reply, I will try to send a report on Zendesk, I noticed the response is reallt slow since mid December. I know everything is gone and there’s no refund policy, so I was here just to report what happened.

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2 chests consider your self lucky. We lost 8 in one sitting, Full of gold and silver, named thralls and dyes, even orbs of every kind.

We put up new ones, and went about gathering the lost stuff.

Drive on

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