Avoid stacking chests - 2 chests lost stability

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: North America - PvE

It’s been said before and I was aware it might happen but for over a year, never happened to me.
Now it has. 2 large chests lost stability at like 1:30 pm so wasn’t after a server restart or anything.

The large chests were stacked 3 high. Bottom chest is fine and still there. It’s the middle and top ones that lost stability.

There were like 9 other stacks of 3 all near it.
They are all fine.

It’s just that those two decided to go unstable. I guess it could have just been the middle one. And then top one went with it.

Like I said I know it’s a known issue. Been planning to build a new big structure and not stack the chests. Just hasn’t been something that was a priority. Now it is :slight_smile:

This happened yesterday (May 11th) so it’s since the latest patch.

So just more of an FYI she nice it’s a known issue.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Stack chests
  2. Eventually will become unstable

Hi @Cannipals, thank you for sharing this occurrence with us, we’ll be sure to forward the details to our team.

We’ve “flattened” all the large chests and wooden chests we had. Luckily only lost 2. Could have been way worse :slight_smile:

No idea why only those two out of all the other stacks of chests beside. They were in a horseshoe shape and these were the ones at the middle-ish

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